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Two Bloggers One Book ~Review of MEGMeg by Steve Alten
Series: , #1
Genres: Horror
Published by Tsunami Books on September 1, 2005
Pages: 438
Format: eBook

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Revised and Expanded. On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean's deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the animal kingdom. The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor is haunted by what he's sure he saw but still can't prove exists - Carcharodon megalodon, the massive mother of the great white shark. The average prehistoric Meg weighs in at twenty tons and could tear apart a Tyrannosaurus rex in seconds. Taylor spends years theorizing, lecturing, and writing about the possibility that Meg still feeds at the deepest levels of the sea. But it takes an old friend in need to get him to return to the water, and a hotshot female submarine pilot to dare him back into a high-tech miniature sub. Diving deeper than he ever has before, Taylor will face terror like he's never imagined. MEG is about to surface. When she does, nothing and no one is going to be safe, and Jonas must face his greatest fear once again.

Barb and I are back with another buddy read! We have both been wanting to  read Meg for a while and when we found out about the movie we decided it was time to get started. Once you read my review please hop on over to Barb’s and see what she thought!

Here is what I thought

Now this is a shark story! This was a lot of fun and very cheesy with some over the top things, especially the ending but it was exactly what I expected and so I really liked it.

Jonas had an experience seven years ago when he dove deep into the ocean and ever since then he has been a bit obsessed with the Megladons and finding out more about them. It had deeply affected his marriage and it’s on very shaky grounds although it’s not all his fault I think Maggie just wanted out. She is one of those characters who you really hope the Meg just swallows up because she is stupid. 🙂

Jonas is asked to go on the Challenge deep and using a sub like thing (can’t remember the term) dive down really deep along with DJ and when they do things don’t go very well. There are several layers to the ocean’s water and the temps change, the top layer is warm, then it gets cold but then farther down it’s warmer again. In this part of the ocean it’s where the Megalodons have been able to live and they encounter two of them. Disaster strikes and Jonas does his best to get the heck out of there but so does the Meg. I found it very interesting how the Meg managed to break through the cold waters to the warmer upper waters.

This Meg is a female and she is pregnant and very hungry so she is out to eat anything or any one and she causes chaos everywhere she goes. Jonas and his crew try their best to track it down following the migration patterns of the whales but that doesn’t always work. You also have those stupid enough to want to capture it for study instead of killing it.

I really liked Jonas as he is kind of an antihero but tries his best to save everyone and is either very brave or very stupid to get in the water with that thing….lol. Meg is over the top but I thought it was way better and more interesting than Jaws was and has a higher body count! I mean hey this shark can swallow a man whole!

I am already curious to see what happens in book two as I believe this is a five book series. The author is very smart to turn out a new one and release it the year they make a movie!!  This revised and expanded version has the Origin story that lets you in on what happened to Jonas 7 years ago. 🙂

If you like creature horror type stories then I think you might like this one.

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5 responses to “Two Bloggers One Book ~Review of MEG

  1. You are starting to sound more and more like me with wishing characters dead 🙂 The ending was kind of out there but it was still fun and let’s get real, we’re talking about a fictional shark (at least I hope so) so the author should be allowed to have some fun with it.

    So we’ve done sharks – next month, DINOSAURS!

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