Review of Luck Uglies: Fork-Tongue Charmers

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Review of Luck Uglies: Fork-Tongue Charmers

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Luck Uglies: Forked-Tongue Charmer by Paul Durham
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by Harper Collins Pages: 416
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley


It's not easy being the daughter of the High Chieftain of the Luck Uglies.

Now an insidious new lawman in Drowning has declared Rye an outlaw, and she's stuck on the strange and remote Isle of Pest. But the island quickly feels much less remote when the battle to control the future of the Luck Uglies moves to its shores.

To defeat the Luck Uglies' bitterest rivals, Rye must defy a deranged earl, survive a test meant to judge the grit of the fiercest men--and uncover some long-buried family secrets. And when Rye leads the charge to defend the island, she and her friends will meet an eerily familiar enemy. .

Also by this author: Luck Uglies

First Line

It wasn’t often that anyone thumped the cottage’s rusting iron door knocker after dark, but Rye O’chanter still never expected to find three twisted, leering faces on  the other side.

What I thought of this book

With this book I think I suffered a little bit with second book syndrome as it just didn’t have that flare that the first one had, but I still enjoyed it and must see what happens next.

Rye’s father Harmless is a Luck Ugly and because of that her family is being hunted by Earl Longchance and so her father puts Rye, her mother and sister on a boat and send them to Pest. In the confusion her friends Folly and Quin get put on the boat to without their parents knowing.

Rye learns about a group of Luck Uglies that want things to be like the old ways, which was pretty evil, and they call themselves the Fork-Tongue Charmers. Slinister is the leader and he wants to take down Harmless and of course Rye has to get in the middle of all of that.  If there is trouble to get into Rye will be around but things always seem to go her way as if she has luck on her side.

In this adventure we go from Drowning the he Isle of Pest and back to Drowning and it’s full of a lot of fun, but there were some times when I thought it seemed to drag out a bit long. I found my mind wondering a bit and at about 60% in I couldn’t get in the mood to want to read any more, but I trudged through and enjoyed the ending and even though it ends good it still leaves you hanging a bit as to what has happened to a certain character and what the next adventure for Rye and her family might be.

I enjoy all the characters from the MC to the secondary ones. Folly is probably one of my favorite secondary characters because she is always trying to make potions. She makes a salve with mushrooms to help Rye with her skunk feet and it makes her feet glow!! Was pretty funny!

Over all I enjoyed this one even if I had a few hiccups and if you have a middle grade reader I think they would enjoy the adventures of Rye and her gang.

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