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Review of Lois Lane: FalloutFallout by Gwenda Bond
Genres: YA, Mystery
Published by Switch Press Pages: 304
Format: eBook
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Lois Lane is starting a new life in Metropolis. An Army brat, Lois has lived all over—and seen all kinds of things. (Some of them defy explanation, like the near-disaster she witnessed in Kansas in the middle of one night.) But now her family is putting down roots in the big city, and Lois is determined to fit in. Stay quiet. Fly straight. As soon as she steps into her new high school, though, she can see it won’t be that easy. A group known as the Warheads is making life miserable for another girl at school. They’re messing with her mind, somehow, via the high-tech immersive videogame they all play. Not cool. Armed with her wit and her new snazzy job as a reporter, Lois has her sights set on solving this mystery. But sometimes it’s all a bit much. Thank goodness for her maybe-more-than-a friend, a guy she knows only by his screenname, SmallvilleGuy.

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First Line

“Remember the plan,” I muttered.

What I thought of this book

Lois Lane is not a trouble child she is just a girl who isn’t afraid to stand up for the little guy or speak her mind. This time she swears she is going to be different. Her father has gotten her into Metropolis High and she has a plan. To fit in, make friends and well stay out of trouble, but on her very first day she gets wrapped up in something.

She hears the ramblings of a fellow student who says that there are a group of kids that are picking on her. She swears they are in her head and they play the same holoset game that she plays. The principle pretty much says that she is crazy and Lois can’t help but open her mouth and say something about it. While she does a man who is in the office with them likes what he sees and ask her if she would like a job as a journalist at the Daily Scoop, an online teen paper that is part of an experiment that the Daily Planet is trying out.

She knows what her first assignment is going to be, she wants to find out more about the Warheads and how they are bullying Anavi. What was suppose to be a simple story on bullying turns out to be much much more.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a lot of fun getting a look at Lois Lane in high school. If you ever wondered how the journalist was as a teen this is the book for you. I have always been a fan of Lois Lane because she is a spunky reporter and so it was great seeing that she could be just as spunky as a teen and always been out to help others.

I also love that her online friend is called SmallsvilleGuy, as we all pretty much know who that is…lol. She really wants to meet him but he can’t because it could be bad for her, but she doesn’t really understand but she kind of likes how he is mysterious. He also comes in handy when she needs help with the Warheads.

Lois might not follow her plan to stay out of trouble but she does make some friends for the first time. They are the other teen reporters who work for the Scoop. Maddie is the style columnist and is really into music. Devin, is the computer guy but also on the news staff and James is the rich guy whose father has fallen from grace and he really needs the job, he is also on the news staff. Lois takes a liking to Maddie and Devin but it takes most of the book for her to warm up to James.

I really enjoyed everything about this book and if you like books based on comic book characters then you will enjoy this one too.

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