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Review of LamentationLamentation by Joe Clifford
Genres: Mystery
Published by Oceanview Publishing Pages: 201
Format: eBook
Source: Library

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In a frigid New Hampshire winter, Jay Porter is trying to eke out a living and maintain some semblance of a relationship with his former girlfriend and their two-year-old son.  When he receives an urgent call that Chris, his drug-addicted brother, is being questioned by the sheriff about his missing junkie business partner, Jay feels obliged to come to his rescue.
After Jay negotiates his brother's release from the county jail, Chris disappears into the night.  As Jay begins to search for him, he is plunged into a cauldron of ugly lies and long-kept secrets that could tear apart his small hometown and threaten the lives of Jay and all those he holds dear.  Powerful forces come into play that will stop at nothing until Chris is dead and the information he harbors is destroyed.

First Line

I had ducked inside the pantry to see what else we could sell when I tripped over a cord of wood and snared the back of my work coat on an old, rusty nail.

Here is what I thought

Jay Porter’s life is not going so great. His girlfriend left him and is seeing a biker, he rarely makes it around to see his boy, his job is not the best and he has been told this last job he is working on will be it for a while. Then he gets a call that his brother has been picked up by the police and is rambling some sort of conspiracy junk. Jay’s brother is a junkie always looking for his next fix and he is always making up stories so it’s hard to know when he is telling the truth or not.

Chris and another junkie has a job where they take old computers and wipe the memories clean, but Chris looks at the info on one. Chris and his partner Pete get in a big fight on what to do about what they know and then Pete ends up dead. Chris tries to tell Jay about it but Jay doesn’t believe anything he says and then Chris goes missing.

Jay isn’t really that worried about his brother but at the same time is a bit curious as to what might have happened to him. His friend Charlie wants to get a private investigator and gets Jay to meet with Fisher. Jay and Fisher use to be friends till a incident in high school and now they never talk. He isn’t sure about using Fisher, and Fisher is only an insurance investigator, but he does know how to get information.

They learn about some interesting things that are going to be happening to their fare town soon and Jay is not sure how this has anything to do with his brother disappearing. Jay’s house is broken into and he is hit on the head but he doesn’t really make much of it. Then Adam Lombardi wants something that Chris took and tells him about the hard drive and how it has a lot of work information on it, etc. Jay believes him!!

I am starting to think I am just being harder on books than I use to because this was very lackluster to me and it seems a lot of people on Goodreads disagrees with me…lol. I liked and didn’t like Jay. He is very flawed and full of excuses at least to me. I understand that his parents died when he was young and his older brother is a junkie. I can get him not giving his brother the benefit of the doubt as he has probably done so many times. What I didn’t get was why when when he finds out how crooked a certain person is that he just believes everything that man says like it explains everything!!

Then when we do find out what is on the hard drive I found the ending to be lacking and it sort of made me a bit mad. So I really hope the rest of this series is going to be better than this mediocre start because I have the third and forth as review books but if I don’t make it through book two I might just be dumping them before I get started. 🙁

I didn’t like it but obviously a lot of people did so it’s up to you if you want to try it or not as I just can’t recommend it.

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    • Stormi

      Yes, this is the one! Totally didn’t like how it ended but I do hope the next one in the series is better!!

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