Two Bloggers One Book ~ Review of Jurassic Florida

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Two Bloggers One Book ~ Review of Jurassic Florida

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Jurassic, Florida by Hunter Shea
Genres: Horror
Published by Kensington Pages: 130
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Welcome to Polo Springs, a sleepy little town on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s a great place to live—if you don’t mind the hurricanes. Or the flooding. Or the unusual wildlife . . .

Maybe it’s the weather. But the whole town is overrun with the little green bastards this year. They’re causing a lot of damage. They’re eating everything in sight. And they’re just the babies . . .

The mayor wants to address the iguana problem. But when Hurricane Ramona slams the coast, the town has a bigger problem on their hands. Bigger iguanas. Bigger than a double-wide. Unleashed by the storm, this razor-toothed horde of prehistoric predators rises up from the depths—and descends on the town like retirees at an early bird special. Except humans are on the menu. And it’s all you can eat . . .

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This month’s buddy read is from one of our favorite authors. Both Barb and I have a lot of fun with his books! So once your done with mine go see if Barb agrees with me nor not on this one.

Here is what I thought

Another fun creature feature from Hunter Shea!

It starts out letting us know about a bunch of radicals who blows up an oil rig near florida and so I am guessing it’s what has the iguana’s stirred up.

We get to follow the POV of several different characters but one of the main ones is Frank. You find out at the beginning that he has gotten himself into something really bad as his friend was fed to an alligator (no spoiler that is page one). So he is on the run as he doesn’t want to end up gator food and you would think Florida would be a great place to go, wrong.

Polo Springs is a small town with an 18 year old mayor and I wasn’t sure about that at first but she goes through a lot and I came to admire her. The town seems to be filled with a lot of small iguanas and Amy is not really sure what to do about it so she calls an exterminator to come in and take a look. She was literally attacked by a bunch of them that fell out of a tree. Everyone is being attacked by them, instead of running from humans they tend to run towards them. There has also been a lot of large holes and other things happening and the exterminator tells her that those little ones didn’t do that, they would have to be bigger but he wasn’t sure how big.

There is a hurricane a coming and everyone is trying to take cover from that when all of a sudden it feels like an earthquake hits in some spots and out comes some man eating very large Iguanas and boy are they hungry!! Nobody is safe in Polo Springs!

In true Shea fashion we have a fun horror with lots of gore and I really enjoyed it. You learned not to get to attached to anyone because they were fair game and could get eaten. Two things that bothered me and that was that I just didn’t feel that it was explained well enough why there are these large iguana’s coming up from the ground eating everyone and I thought the end happened to quickly and then it was kind of like bam end of story, it was to abrupt. It didn’t really hinder the fun of reading the story but I wanted to put my complaint in there…lol.

If you love creature features then you really should try this as it was just a lot of fun and it’s a quick read.

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8 responses to “Two Bloggers One Book ~ Review of Jurassic Florida

  1. I had fun with this one too, Stormi! Excited about his new series. Are you going to read Rattus New Yorkus next?
    I reviewed this one yesterday. Now I’m off to see what Barb has to say:)

    • Stormi

      Yay!!! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Mail Order Massacres is only .99 it has three of his novellas in it that Barb and I enjoyed. 🙂

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