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Review of JawsJaws by Peter Benchley
Published by Random House Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
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"Relentless terror." The Philadelphia Inquirer.
The classic, blockbuster thriller of man-eating terror that inspired the Steven Spielberg movie and made millions of beachgoers afraid to go into the water. Experience the thrill of helpless horror again -- or for the first time!

First Line

The Great Fish moved silently through the night water, propelled by short sweeps of it’s crescent tail.

What I thought of this book

Most of us have seen the movie, but I have never thought about it being a book till a few years ago and I seen a copy. I grabbed it but never read it until now. Even though it’s been a few years since I watched the movie I could bring parts to my mind as I read the book.

The book isn’t really all that different from the movie except for all the extra town drama and the drama between Brody and his wife. That really did take up most of the books. Maybe back in 1974 when this book was release it would have been considered scary, but it really isn’t and it’s not really gory either.

There is a lot of overtones in this movie and a bit of a draw on moby dick but with it being a big shark instead of whale. Brody wants to keep the town’s beach closed but the towns mayor and other selectman are putting pressure on him. Meanwhile, we get some incites into his home life and it’s not going very well. It seems his wife is a bit bored and in need of a bit of excitement that doesn’t include him. In the movie you get the feeling that all is not well in their marriage and it’s explored a bit more in the book.

Hooper is several years younger than Ellen and they knew each other a long time ago and she is trying to relive her glory days of summers when she was younger through him. You are suppose to really hate Hooper (in the movie played by Richard Dryfuss) and you really do, so in the end I didn’t really feel that sorry for him. Maybe you were suppose to but I didn’t.

“There’s nothing in the sea this fish would fear. Other fish run from bigger things. That’s their instinct. But this fish doesn’t run from anything. He doesn’t fear.”

The shark has it’s moments in the story, but all in all I didn’t really see it being a large roll in the book. He does prove to be a great villain toward the end when Quint, Hooper and Brody are trying to track him down. Quint who doesn’t think fish are smart has to reevaluate his thoughts on this one as it was very cunning and doing things most sharks don’t.

It might have been based on a shark in the water, but there was more sharks in the town itself than just in the water.

Though there were some slow spots in the books I really did enjoy it and it was fun reading the book that the movie was based on that scared so many people and kept them out of the ocean. (My aunt being one of those people and she still won’t go in the ocean to this

If you are into classic horror and a fan of the movie I would say give it a try.

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11 responses to “Review of Jaws

  1. RO

    Back in the day this movie totally horrified me and I WAS afraid to go in the water for a while. (lol) Now, when I’m much more frightened during Shark Week! Normally, once I see a movie, I don’t go back to the book except for a few exceptions that include Robert Ludlum and The Bourne Series, Stephen King and a few others. Thanks for the great post and memories of a great movie! Hugs…Ro

    • Stormi

      When I see that a movie is based on a book I always like to go back and read the book cause you always get more than what is in the movie. It was fun going back and reading Jaws! 🙂

  2. Stormi

    I kept trying to see Richard Dryfuss as Hooper while reading it and I couldn’t do it..the Hooper in the book is so not that actor…lol. It was fun to see how different it was from the movie. 🙂

  3. I ca remember seeing this movie as a child and being terrified. I think I ended up seeing it at a drive-in with my parents (totally uncool, but I was young) and seeing the shark larger than life was scary. I always thinks books turn out better than movies, but have never really wanted to give this a go. It is an interesting read considering the rise of shark attacks in US oceans this year. Great review.

    • Stormi

      Yeah, when I first seen it, I thought it was scary, but now days it’s a bit boring compared to horror now days…lol.

  4. I read this back when it was first released. The movie had a bigger impact on me cause it scared the crap out of me in many different parts and I think I saw the movie before reading the book. Glad you enjoyed!

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