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December 19, 2019 Audiobook Reviews, Book Reviews 4

Here is what I thought

When we found out that in the timeline that the first book in this spin off series went before the last Kate Daniels book we both did a bit of moaning. Not because it was an extra book but because it was about HUGH! The horrible man Barb and I both can’t stand. Why would we want to read a book with Hugh as the main character, it took some convincing to get Barb to do it…lol. 😉 We were both pretty sure there was no getting us to like this man!

Could be a spoiler for the Kate Daniel series from this point on! You have been warned. 🙂

A lot of things happened in Kate #9 especially to Hugh which is why it was kind of important to read this one. Hugh is no longer in favor with Roland and has been cast aside. In this one we get to find out a little of how he had come to be with Roland and then it starts with him being a drunk bum and shadow of his former self and his Iron Dogs having to find him. It seemed that since the Iron Dogs (warriors) were loyal to Hugh and wouldn’t do Rolands bidding the only thing to do was kill them all. Roland has sent his necromancers after them.

His men found a solution but it’s not ideal to Hugh, but he doesn’t have much choice. They need a place he can shelter his Iron Dogs and they find a place. There happens to be a group of witches that are in need of protection and they have a castle. They decide to form an alliance by marrying. It’s a marriage of convenience as they need protection and he needs a place to train for what is to come. Ultimately they both have one thing in common they want to survive.

I will admit I enjoyed the book but I am still not a fan of Hugh, he has done to many things in the Kate Daniels series for one book to make me like him. He would do something that I liked and turn around and make me hate him, then do something nice, etc. By the end of the book he might have moved up one click above hating him. Good thing there will be more in his series as he will need more redemption for me to like him. Elara now she was awesome!!!!  I am so not sure exactly what she is but there was a moment when she even scared Hugh and it was great! I really loved the banter between Hugh and Elara as they went a few rounds. They were always trying to one up the other and it was what made this book enjoyable despite not being a fan of Hugh. I also liked the secondary characters.

After finishing this one I really wanted to jump into the last Kate and I will be doing so pretty soon as I really want to know how that series ends though it will be kind of bittersweet.

If your a fan of the Kate Daniels series I would suggest you give this one a try even if your like me and despise Hugh. 🙂


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  1. Barb @ Booker T's Farm

    So once again we were pretty spot on. I think I also mentioned that he only moved up a notch and that I still didn’t like him. I said that I did like the fact that he rescued the dog 🙂 I do love Elara though!

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