Review of Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets

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Review of Hidden Falls: Ordinary Secrets

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Hidden Falls by Olivia Newport
Genres: Christian
Published by Shiloh Run Studios Pages: 58
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Thirty years of small-town secrets—now the key to the mystery is gone.  The small town of Hidden Falls is abuzz. Former students, friends, and loved ones are prepping for tonight's big event to honor Ted Quinn's many years of compassionate service.  Quinn is reluctant about a night in the spotlight--but is tenderly prodded by Sylvia, mayor of Hidden Falls and Quinn's dearest friend and confidante. Ethan and Nicole won't let the shadows of their pasts stop them from returning to Hidden Falls--but only for Quinn--no matter how much it hurts.  Liam, a former student, and Jack, a town newcomer, are both hoping the night works toward their own gain--or, if they'll admit it, their chance for redemption.  Like Quinn, Dani and Lauren are mainstays in Hidden Falls. They keep close to home--and have secrets to keep close, too. Now it's time. The guests are seated, introductions are made, the spotlight shines on center stage...and the unthinkable leaves the entire town scrambling for the truth.

Also by this author: Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls is a new story written in 13 episodes. Ordinary Secrets is the first episode.

Hidden Falls follows the lives of several people so it has a lot of things to try and keep track of but over all it wasn’t real hard sort them out. Ted Quinn has been a teacher for thirty years and he has done a lot for the people in Hidden Falls. He has  touched the lives of many people and they are wanting to honor him with a banquet.

Ted Quinn doesn’t see the need for them to do such a thing for him and fusses about it at ever turn with his old friend Sylvia. I get the impression that Sylvia has been in love with Quinn for a long time, but nothing ever came of it. Not sure why but he does say sorry I could never give you what you wanted. She is the mayor of the town now and wants him to be honored.

Several of the older students that went through Quinn’s class are showing up. Quinn is excited to see a lot of these faces that he use to teach. Ethan and Nicole use to be high school sweethearts, but parted ways in college. Ethan is a medical doctor and Nicole is a investigative reporter. They don’t get along much anymore after Ethan brushed Nicole off instead of just breaking up with her he just quit talking to her.

Liam is hoping to redeem himself some how as he has gotten himself into some sort of trouble with his business. Not sure yet what that is but he is hoping to get Quinn to invest and get him out of hot water.

Dani is the tomboy of the town and feels like she doesn’t fit in with anyone. She is sort of the fix it person for the town and does a lot of odd jobs to make money. She was on her way to the lake but Quinn convinces her to come to the banquet.

There a few more characters but these are some of the main ones or at least I think they are.  We are set up in episode one with the fact that Quinn really doesn’t want to go to this banquet, but we don’t really know why. Then the end of the episode leaves us at the banquet and a surprise that really makes you want to get the next episode. It really leaves you wondering what sort of secrets are they hiding in Hidden Falls.

Honestly I am not sure if I am a fan of them spreading a book over thirteen different episodes because if the reader is buying the episodes it could get costly. The first episode is free but the others are $1.99, if they were .99 it would be a bit more reasonable to me as that would be about the price of a paperback.  To be honest if I wasn’t getting these episodes from Netgalley I probably wouldn’t be reading them.

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