Review of Free to Fall

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Review of Free to Fall

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Free To Fall by Lauren Miller
Genres: Dystopian, Science Fiction, YA
Published by HarperTeen on May 13, 2014
Pages: 485
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publisher

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What if there was an app that told you what song to listen to, what coffee to order, who to date, even what to do with your life—an app that could ensure your complete and utter happiness? What if you never had to fail or make a wrong choice?

What if you never had to fall?

Fast-forward to a time when Apple and Google have been replaced by Gnosis, a monolith corporation that has developed the most life-changing technology to ever hit the market: Lux, an app that flawlessly optimizes decision making for the best personal results. Just like everyone else, sixteen-year-old Rory Vaughn knows the key to a happy, healthy life is following what Lux recommends. When she’s accepted to the elite boarding school Theden Academy, her future happiness seems all the more assured. But once on campus, something feels wrong beneath the polished surface of her prestigious dream school. Then she meets North, a handsome townie who doesn’t use Lux, and begins to fall for him and his outsider way of life. Soon, Rory is going against Lux’s recommendations, listening instead to the inner voice that everyone has been taught to ignore — a choice that leads her to uncover a truth neither she nor the world ever saw coming.

First thoughts: A fast paced dystopian read that I actually liked!

I have tried to get onto the dystopian band wagon but I haven’t really found any that I cared for or could even finish. Not a fan of Hunger Games or Maze  Runner and verily finished them and never finished the series. They always sound really good but I get started and I just can’t get into them, so when the publisher sent me Free to Fall, I was pretty hesitant to even try it. I am really glad I did because I enjoyed it.

I think the reason I liked this one is that it seems to be really close to what could actually happen in the future. It’s not an apocalyptic type world but one where everyone relies on the app called Lux. We are now entering the world of self driving cars that are run by an app, so this world that Rory lives in could be are future.

The year is 2032 and Rory has been accepted into the  Theden Academy, and only the best of the best can get in there unless you have the money to pay your way in. Rory is a Hepta and is only one of a few that made that sort of score on their application. While she is at Theden, she starts hearing ‘the doubt’ and like everyone she knows that you should not be hearing ‘the doubt’ because that could only mean your crazy. She tries to not panic and just keeps on going about things.

On her first day she becomes friends with Hershey all though it was pretty much against her will, but Hershey latched on to her and that was pretty much that. She takes Rory into town to a coffee joint where she meets North. North is pretty much non-Lux and the more Rory hangs out with him the more she starts ignoring Lux’s recommendations. Soon she starts piecing together what happened to her mother who died while giving birth to Rory, or did she. She start’s to realize that ‘the doubt’ might not be a bad thing.

She is recruited to be in a secret society and she thought it was going to be so cool, but the more she learns about ‘the few’ and the more she learns about the school and her mothers death, the more she isn’t so sure about things. They are launching a new Lux and it seems that everyone is addicted to it and can’t do anything without it, even her best friend Beck who never used Lux. It’s up to her and North to discover the scary truth that she never saw coming.

What I liked:

With the way t hat people can’t seem to be anywhere without their phones this dystopian future seems a little too real and I think that is what makes it a bit creepy. Nobody can do anything without consulting Lux, from what they should wear to what type of coffee they might like. I really enjoyed the story line and it was a light science fiction type book which are about the only kind of sci-fi I can handle.

Rory is a great character, she has her flaws but she has a lot of spunk as well. Once things start adding up for Rory she was really a go getter and that is what kept this book going really quickly. North is a guy who lives on his own and does what he wants and he opens up Rory to a world without Lux. They were both great main characters.

What I didn’t like:

I think the only thing that I didn’t like was that to me it felt like the solution and the ending came a little to easy. Not that I wanted the book to be any longer because believe me it was long enough but I don’t know it was just like..oh this is what we do and bam it’s done. It didn’t make me dislike the book but it might have gotten a five star if I would have liked the ending better.

I recommend it to lovers of dystopian and sci-fi (though it’s really a light sci-fi).


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