Review of Fixin’ to Die

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Review of Fixin’ to Die

I received this book for free from Great Escape Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Fixin' To Die by Tonya Kappes
Published by Henery Press on June 14th 2016
Pages: 250
Format: eARC
Source: Great Escape Tours

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Kenni Lowry likes to think the zero crime rate in Cottonwood, Kentucky is due to her being sheriff, but she quickly discovers the ghost of her grandfather, the town’s previous sheriff, has been scaring off any would-be criminals since she was elected. When the town’s most beloved doctor is found murdered on the very same day as a jewelry store robbery, and a mysterious symbol ties the crime scenes together, Kenni must satisfy her hankerin’ for justice by nabbing the culprits.
With the help of her Poppa, a lone deputy, and an annoyingly cute, too-big-for-his-britches State Reserve officer, Kenni must solve both cases and prove to the whole town, and herself, that she’s worth her salt before time runs out.

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FIXIN TO DIE large banner448First Line

“Calling all units. Calling all units.” Betty Murphy’s voice felt like a stiletto in my ear as it came over the police walkie-talkie.

What I thought of this book

I have heard a lot of about this author and always wanted to try one of her cozies so I jumped at the chance when I seen she had a new series coming out. I was not disappointed.

Kendrick (Kenni) is the sheriff of Cottonwood and not everyone is a fan of a female sheriff. For the last two years that she has been sheriff there hasn’t been any crime. She just didn’t know that her ghostly grandfather and ex sheriff had been scaring off all the criminals. 🙂

Now there is a murder and it’s a prominent citizen, Doc Walton. After that there is a break in at White’s Jewelry store and they seem to be connected with a symbol found at both places. Everyone is riled up and it’s time for Kendrick to show that she can be sheriff or face an angry bunch of towns folk.

She investigates with the help of her ghostly grandfather, Finn (Kentucky reserves officer) and Wyatt the town jailer. The mystery is good and once Kenni starts putting together the puzzle it seems that there were a few people in town who might not have been as fond of the Doc as she thought.

I liked Kenni, she has it tough being a female sheriff in a small town. All eyes are on her at all times and everyone seems to know your every move and when you mess up. I love the idea of her ghostly grandfather helping her solve crimes even though some times she forgets and looks a bit crazy…lol. I liked Finn as well and I think he would make a nice relationship for Kenni. He doesn’t seem to mind her being the sheriff and him being her backup.

I can’t wait to read more from this series and I would recommend to any cozy lover.

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27 responses to “Review of Fixin’ to Die

  1. Antonette Nyman

    Just started this book and am getting house done so I can get right back to it. Love it.

  2. John Presler

    This is a great start to the new series and like all of Tonya’s books, it is a lot of fun to read.

  3. Merry Chapman

    This was a fantastically woven fun, twisted, terrific story and what a great first to the series, as I have mentioned before! So…I am excited to see what the next books in the series will bring! I know Tonya will pleasantly surprise us all!

  4. Joanne Kocourek

    This is my first visit to your blog. I read Fixin to Die and absolutely loved it! When you have the opportunity, read Spies and Spells by Tonya. It’s is another superbly crafted book by Tonya.

  5. Looks like we all love her books! I was thrilled to get in on the beginning of a new one. Reading a couple from some different series now too. So glad you finally read one of her books and enjoyed it!

  6. I’m really glad that I can’t see ghosts. That would be tough to remember that not everyone can see them and it would make you look crazy. Charley Davidson has the right idea, she pulls out her cell phone, then it looks like she is just on the phone. 🙂

    This sounds like a fun book. I wish it was available on audio. I need to try a cozy. I’m going to do it, darn it. LOL

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