Review of Ferals

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Review of Ferals

I received this book for free from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Ferals by Jacob Grey
Genres: YA
Published by Harper Collins on April 28th
Pages: 288
Format: eARC
Source: Edelweiss


A sinister threat. A city in danger. A boy with the power to command the crows. Ferals is the first book in a dark, action-packed trilogy that’s partThe Graveyard Book, part Batman, and all high-octane adventure.

Blackstone was once a thriving metropolis. But that was before the Dark Summer—a wave of violence and crime that swept through the city eight years ago, orchestrated by the fearsome Spinning Man. Now the Spinning Man is on the move again, and a boy named Caw is about to be caught in his web.

Caw has never questioned his ability to communicate with crows. But as the threat of a new Dark Summer looms, Caw discovers the underground world of Blackstone’s ferals—those with the power to speak to and control animals. Caw is one of them. And to save his city, he must quickly master abilities he never knew he had . . . and prepare to defeat a darkness he never could have imagined.

Also by this author: The Swarm Descends (Ferals #2)

First Line

The night belonged to him. He wore its shadows, tasted its scents. He savored its sounds and silences.

What I thought of this book

I do believe this guy is a debut author as I couldn’t find any other books by him because I looked as I really enjoyed this book. I can’t wait for the next book in this series to come out!

Caw is a Feral which means he can talk to an animal. He is a crow talker so of course that means he talks to crows. He has lived with crows since he was five years old when his parents had no other choice than to send him with the crows. Caw has no clue why his parents abandoned him but he dreams of that night ever night. He lives in a large nest in the part with three crows, two are black and one is ash white.

Caw didn’t know that helping out a man and his daughter one night was going to land him in the middle of a bunch of trouble but it did. The Spinning man was a evil feral that was killed and sent to the Land of the Dead and some of his minions have broke out of prison and want to open up the portal to the Land of the Dead so he can come back to life. They need the crow talker to do that, but they nab the wrong person. So even though Caw is just learning about all these powers he has within him being a crow talker he must learn fast to save his friend.

I thought Ferals was a pretty cool concept and they are sort of strange superheros of sorts. Caw is a young boy who talks to crows, but he never really knew what he was or why he could talk to them. When he meets Crumb a pigeon talker he learns that he can summon a lot more than his three crows that follow him around. He can also do a lot more cool tricks. Caw is a pretty interesting kid and I really liked him.

I love the side characters as well. Lydia is his new friend that he makes after he saved her and her father. She thinks it’s cool he can talk to crows and wants to help him and over looks his whole I live in a tree with crows and befriends him. Crumb the pigeon talker and Pip the mouse talker are the first ferals he meets and they are really nice. Crumb tries teaching him how to use his powers. There are lot of other side characters but these are the main ones, but I hope we get to know more about them and the others in the next book.

If your a fan of Middle Grade adventures, or superhero type books then I think you might like Ferals. I enjoyed it a lot and can’t wait for the next one!

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  1. Looks like you really enjoyed this one! Middle grade isn’t typically my thing, but I like this crow talkers concept. And Caw sounds like a sweet kid, so I just might check it out

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