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Review of Due or DieDue or Die by Jenn McKinlay
Published by Berkley on March 1, 2012
Pages: 304
Format: eBook
Source: Library

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Answering tricky reference questions is excitement enough for library director Lindsey Norris. Until a murder is committed in her cozy hometown of Briar Creek, Connecticut, and the question of who did it must be answered before someone else is checked out--for good.

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Here is what I thought

This series is quickly turning into a new favorite series! I just love it so much!!! 🙂

Things are going pretty good for Lindsey  then her friend Carrie ask her to go with her to the Friends of the Library meeting because they were picking a new president and Carrie was running against Bill and she was afraid things would get out of hand. So she just wanted backup in case she did get elected. Lets just say some people take their being president a little to serious lol.

Then later on Carrie needed help as her car broke down and Sully and Lindsay give her a ride home where they find her husband murdered. Of course Carrie doesn’t have a good alibi for the time of death and is put in the spotlight as the suspect, but Lindsay knows that she couldn’t have done it so she sets out to find out what happened.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is having to deal with her own little problem as she has a crazy old lady after her for something. I can’t tell you! 🙂 It creates of lot of crazy things for Lindsay to deal with while trying to figure out what is going on.

This one was a lot of fun and I just love the characters so much and can’t wait to jump into more books because I want to know more about them. Lindsay is a library director and she has to deal with a lot of issues within the library but still has time to hunt down a killer. Though I am sure Mrs. Cole will always remind her that the director before her never did that. 🙂 Sully is probably the main reason I love this series so much he is my new book boyfriend an is just super sweet and a boat captain! All the other characters are pretty cool as well!

I really enjoyed the mystery even though I had it figured out pretty early on but I wasn’t real sure of the motive and I think this is one series that I am more about the characters than the mystery…lol. I highly recommend this fun cozy series!

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4 responses to “Review of Due or Die

  1. I love that you enjoy the series more for the character than the mystery. I have a few series like that. I’m a very character driven reader. It doesn’t matter how great the plot is, if I don’t connect with the characters, I just won’t love it. Great review.

  2. You are right, this series has truly great characters. It’s like visiting home when you read about them. It’s one of the few cozies I’m current on so to say it’s a long wait between books is an understatement.

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