Review of Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom

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Review of Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom by David Neilsen
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by Crown Books for Young Readers on August 9th 2016
Pages: 240
Format: ARC
Source: Publisher

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“Such deliciously creepy fun! I fell in love with Dr. Fell! So will urchins and whippersnappers everywhere.” —Chris Grabenstein, author of the New York Times bestsellers Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library and The Island of Dr. Libris   When the mysterious Dr. Fell moves into the abandoned house that had once been the neighborhood kids’ hangout, he immediately builds a playground to win them over. But as the ever-changing play space becomes bigger and more elaborate, the children and their parents fall deeper under the doctor’s spell.   Only Jerry, Nancy, and Gail are immune to the lure of his extravagant wonderland. And they alone notice that when the injuries begin to pile up on the jungle gym, somehow Dr. Fell is able to heal each one with miraculous speed. Now the three children must find a way to uncover the doctor’s secret power without being captivated by his trickery.

First Line

The Large Brick House at the end of Hardscrabble Street had been empty for a generation.

What I thought of this book

Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom was an interesting and slightly creepy read.

On Hardscrabble Street there sits a house that has been abandoned for a long time. It was used by the neighboring kids as a place to play and use their imagination. Then one day out of the blue an old man buys the house.

When he meets Gail, Nancy and Jerry he finds out that all the kids use to use that place as a playground and before you know it there is a huge playground outside for kids to play on. Play on they did and at all hours of the night and day. It seemed that nobody cared that the kids were skipping school and playing.

The only ones not charmed by the playground were Gail, Nancy, and Jerry. They knew something was wrong with that place but they couldn’t figure out what. The more they witness the more they knew they had to do something about Dr. Fell.

Dr. Fell is a creepy old man in a black jacket with a purple top hat and he seems to always pop up when kids got hurt on his playground and would patch them up. He was only creepy to the three kids whom he first met. His house was pretty creepy two as he had all sorts of cat pics but hated cats.

Gail and  Nancy are best friends and Jerry aka Dorknose was Gails younger brother who just sort of follows them around. Jerry was the smartest one of the three and my favorite.

This story would be great for young readers as well as adults as I found it to be a fun read. It had just enough creepiness to it to fascinate young readers without being scary. It has some cool illustrations throughout the book. Since mine was an ARC not all of them was there and I really wish they were cause I sure was hoping to see a certain character in the book…lol. (So I hope one of the blank  spots might be that.)

I would recommend it to anyone who has young readers.

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6 responses to “Review of Dr. Fell and the Playground of Doom

    • Stormi

      The illustrations are black and white but still I like having them in middle-grade books. 🙂 It was fun. 🙂

    • Stormi

      I would say 10 to 12-year-olds might enjoy it and maybe a 9-year-old if he was a mature reader for his age. The Dr. talks big sometimes but then explains what he is saying in simpler words.

    • Stormi

      It was fun and I do think it might be a little big for the Tornado, but I think it depends on your kids creep factor. If he gets scared easy or not cause it’s really not that scary but there are a few spots when the characters are in trouble and its like “oh no”. 🙂 And some creature lurking in the basement…who is hungry…needs to eat…lol. 🙂

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