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Review of DeniedDenied by Mary Keliikoa
Series: Kelly Pruitt #2
Genres: Mystery, Private Investigator
Published by Camel Press on May 11, 2021
Pages: 238
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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A high-risk pregnancy. A dangerous secret. When her case turns deadly, can this investigator avoid racking up a fatal debt?
PI Kelly Pruett’s search to locate a former classmate’s missing father ends in what appears to be a tragic accident. But putting the pieces together that led to that fateful night will require Kelly to play a high risk game of chance with a killer willing to gamble everything to win.

Also by this author: Derailed

Here is what I thought

PI Kelly Pruit is healing nicely since her altercation with her last case that had landed her in danger. She is happy to be taking cases that don’t envolve any danger.  Kelly has her deaf daughter to think about and isn’t in a hurry to get into a danger scrap again.

Then a woman she was friends with when she was younger comes to her and ask her if she could find her father. Stephanie had a falling out with him and hasn’t spoken to him in a while and now she is pregnant and she wants him to know but she has been calling him for a few weeks and not getting an answer. She is afraid to go check his house because of what she might find so she wants to hire Kelly.

Kelly agrees to it because she thinks that it will probably be a pretty simple missing persons case, but she was wrong. When she goes to Vince’s house to have a look around she finds some pull tabs and other gambling tickets, but nothing to give her a real idea of where Vince might be. She does find something nasty and disturbing in the trash can under the sink, a severed finger.

After calling the police to let them know what she found she decides to try the gambling place he seem to have a lot of tickets from as well as the last place she knew he worked to see what they knew. At the bowling alley where he worked she found out he wasn’t a great employee and didn’t work there anymore but he did gamble with the pull tabs and had been in an arguement with the owner. Then at the gambling place she learns real quick that some heavyweight people are looking for him when she is cornered by a big guy and his boss that says she should just not look for Vince. Of course that just makes her more curious about what happened.

The more she tries to retrace Vinces last days she learns more and more about what he was doing and it involves a lot more than she bargained for and ends up getting herself in to way more trouble than she was looking for as well. She struggles with wanting to find out what happened and needing to make sure she is there for her daughter as well. She shares custody with her ex who also hands her some unexpected news that will effect her.

I really enjoyed this one and found myself really trying to figure out what happened and I must stay I was a bit surprised at the twist at the end on who the bad person was in the whole thing. I mean there was so many people it could have been but I just didn’t expect that one so I liked that.

I like Kelly, she tries hard to balance spending time with her daughter with trying to make sure she found out what happened for her client. She also made time for her boyfriend who is a policeman, so he kind of knows how things go when she might cancel or be late for something. The relationship with her ex and his mother is very interesting to say the least. She has know her ex since they were kids and it was his fault for cheating that they split, so it makes for some heated arguements and tension at times.

You probable don’t need to read book one to read this one but the first one was good so why wouldn’t you start at the beginning. 🙂 I would recommend this series to those who enjoy mysteries with Pivate Investigators.

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  1. This one looks so good! My favorite kind of mystery is one that starts with a missing persons case. Definitely want to pick this one up!

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