Review of Deceived

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Review of Deceived

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Deceived by Irene Hannon
Genres: Christian, Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published by Revell Pages: 416
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley


For three years, Kate Marshall has been grieving the loss of her husband and their four-year-old son in a boating accident. But when she spots a familiar-looking child on an escalator in the mall, she is convinced it is the son she thought was dead. With police skeptical of her story, she turns to private investigator Connor Sullivan. The former Secret Service agent is dubious but agrees to investigate. Digging into the case he discovers that the incident may have been no accident at all. But if Kate's son is alive, someone is intent on keeping him hidden--and may be willing to go to lethal lengths to protect a sinister secret.

As Irene Hannon's many fans have come to expect, "Deceived "is filled with complex characters, unexpected twists, and a riveting plot line that accelerates to an explosive finish.

Although I haven’t read many of Irene’s books she is one of my favorite Christian suspense authors. They are always intriguing and not overly religious to where I think anybody could enjoy them if they like suspense romance that is a bit light on the romance.

What I thought of this book

Deceived is the third book in the Private Justice series and thought it is always good to start at the beginning it is written well enough that it can be read as a stand alone novel. I haven’t read the first one but I have read the second one and now this one.

Private Justice is a private detective agency ran by three friends: Cal, Devon, and Connor. The first two books were about Cal and Devon and now we get Connors story. Connor is an ex Secret Service agent and he is very reserved. He fell in love once while he was in the Secret Service but because he held his job above all else he learned a hard lesson. She started seeing another man and was engaged to be married before he even realized they were having problems. Now that is seriously involved in your job if you miss all of that. It did teach him some valuable lesson for the future.  He decided to leave the SS and join his college friends in Private Justice.

Kate Marshall, has had some tragic things happen to her but she is a survivor and has moved on with her life. She lost her husband and child in a boating accident in New York. Now she lives in St. Louis and now she helps other women who have come from traumatic experiences and gets them back into the work force, etc. It’s been three years and things are going well, then a chance encounter at a mall changes everything. She hears a young boy use a word that she has never hear any other child but her own kid use. When she sees the child he looks just like what she would imagine her four year old to look like if he was now seven.

It all seems so unreal and everyone else blows her off when she tries to get them to investigate this incident. Her only hope is with Private Justice and Connor. Connor isn’t sure he can help her but he is willing to give it a try and if he comes up with anything that might result in further investigation he would investigate. She is just grateful the he is not writing her off as the others did.

As Connor looks into things he sees that some things are not adding up so it leads to more investigation. While there is not suppose to be in fraternization between him and his client he can’t help but feel something for her. He is really drawn to Kate like he hasn’t been drawn to someone in a long time.  As the investigation goes on there is one man out there who will do anything to keep his son even if it means doing something drastic. He will keep his son no matter who gets in his way.

Deceived is a really interesting story and you also get the bad guys point of view at times and you kind of feel sorry for the guy at times. I was so curious as to why certain things happened which kept me reading. I loved the main characters and my favorite side character is Nikki, she keeps those guys in line.

I think my only real problem with it was I felt the story went on a little to long. It could have been shortened up a bit, but for some people that is not a problem. Over all I really liked this book and recommend it for any who like light romantic suspense.

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4 responses to “Review of Deceived

  1. What an intriguing synopsis, it really makes me want to read to book. Thanks for mentioning that it’s not overly Christian as that label does tend to put me off. Sounds like an interesting read and I’ll add it to the list 🙂

  2. ladystorm

    It was really good and there was the occasional, please God let my that be my son..protect this person or that person…nothing that we wouldn’t normally do in that situation. 🙂 It’s not preachy like I know some Christian fiction books can be and that is why I like her books. 🙂

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