Review of Death at the Crystal Palace

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Review of Death at the Crystal Palace

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Death at the Crystal Palace by Jennifer Ashley
Series: Kat Holloway Mysteries #5
Genres: Mystery, Historical
Published by Berkley Pages: 304
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Intrepid cook Kat Holloway puts aside her apron to delve into Victorian London’s high society and catch a killer in this thrilling new mystery from the New York Times bestselling author of Murder in the East End.
While attending an exhibition at the Crystal Palace, young cook Kat Holloway is approached by a woman in distress. Lady Covington is a wealthy widow convinced that her entire family is trying to kill her. Kat feels compelled to help, and she escorts the lady home to discover whether she is delusional or in true danger.
It is quickly apparent that the threat is all too real, and Kat promises aid. Her charming confidant Daniel McAdam is busy infiltrating a plot against the Crown, and she worries he will not have time to lend his sleuthing expertise. This might be for the best, as Kat fears her growing emotional entanglement with Daniel can only lead to disaster. But soon, Kat faces a more serious threat when her involvement in both investigations plunges her into peril.

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Here is what I thought

Kat Holloway is having a day out with her daughter and some of her friends. They are visiting some exhibits and Kat and her daughter want to look some more at Egyptian court and while they were doing so Lady Covington asked Kat for help. She wasn’t looking very well and Kat wanted to know if she could get her somone for her but Lady Covington said no, she thought someone in her household was trying to kill her by poison.

Lady Covington has heard of Kat and how she has help others who have a problem and so Kat makes plans to visit Lady Covington by making a lemon cake recipe and saying she need to give it to Lady C’s cook. Then while there she could talk more with Lady C and she is she could find some things out. Eventually Lady Cynthia from her household that Kat works at decides to go undercover as friend to Lady C and that way she could see what is going on as it would be easier for her to hangout in the home. But when someone in the household dies from poison they are sure it was meant for Lady C and so things are getting more risky.

Meanwhile, Daneil who is Kat’s friend (but kind of more than friend) has to go undercover for a job he is working on so she is kind of on her own at first. Daniel does end up coming back into play to help her but she also ends up having to help him with his job when he needs someone to pose as his aristocratic wife! Kat was not happy about that but still does it.

So there was a lot of interesting things going on in this one and I really enjoyed it! I love Kat and Daniel and well the who cast of characters! I really enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about who Daniel is working for and why. Having Kat get out of her element to go undercover as someone from upstairs was interesting. I also liked how things are progressing with Lady Cynthia and how an issue got sort of resolved, but I really wish her and Mr. Thanos could get together! 🙂

It was a very good mystery to because I didn’t really suspect the person that was the killer and the person who was trying to poison Lady C, till nearly the time it all came out in the book then I got to thinking about it so I liked that.

If you love historical mysteries you really need to read this series! Highly recommend!

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