Review of Dark Water

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Review of Dark Water

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Dark Water by Tricia Tyler
Genres: Romantic Suspense
on September 24, 2018
Pages: 346
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Psychic Evangeline Broussard is certain nothing will ever induce her to work with law enforcement again –– until a serial killer starts using her small bayou town as his own personal hunting ground. The powdered sugar on her beignet though is being forced to work with Special Agent pain-in-the-ass, Nick Garrison, whose cynicism toward her psychic ability is matched only by his hotter-than-a-Louisiana-summer sex appeal.
Nick's opinion of so-called psychics is carved in stone, as well as on his heart, which puts his best friend's little cousin squarely off limits, regardless of how much the sassy, Cajun, spitfire turns him on. But when her supposed sixth sense, and a leak in the local police department, put her in the crosshairs of the killer, she's the only one who can save them all.      

Here is what I thought

It’s set in the Bayou and they have two murders and one possible murder (haven’t found the body) and they are at crunch time. Remy’s brother Luc has an FBI friend who is on leave from his job and he asked him to come and help Remy out on this case as just an advisor.

Evangeline is a psychic and Remy’s cousin. He wants to take Nick to go meet her and see if she can help them because they want to get it solved before any more young women get killed. Evangeline is a private detective and after an incident she doesn’t work with the police anymore. She can’t refuse her cousin though and the thought of those girls gets to her so she decides to help.

Only thing is Nick is not a fan of psychics and he has a good reason. He believes them all to be phonies and thinks it’s a complete waste of time but it’s not his case so he can’t really say no. So he agrees to let her go with them to check out the site where they found the murder victims.

There is definitely some lust at first sight  going on in this book as they both seem very attracted to each other and determined not to even think about it. They bump heads quite a bit because of their difference in opinion about psychics but when some things put her in the line of sight for the killer is protective instincts kick in.

I really liked both of the characters so it was easy to overlook any shortcomings I felt about the romance side of things. Evangeline is a no nonsense type of gal and she doesn’t cow down to anyone not believing in her ability, not even if he is really sexy. Nick though having a hard time deciding what he thinks about psychics can’t help but feel a pull towards Evangeline and wanting to protect her from anything that is going on. I really liked that about him.

I really liked the setting and I am always in for a bayou read! I loved the southern feel of the book!

Despite the instant I just want to have sex with you atmosphere that I am not a fan of I actually really enjoyed this and loved the suspense part very much. I had my suspects and I was pretty close with the right one just got one thing a bit backwards but I was so close…lol. So I wasn’t really surprised to find out who it was but I did get the motive part kind of wrong. Makes for a good read!

I really liked this one and I only seen this book on the authors goodreads so I am guessing she is new and I will be watching out for more from her when I am in the mood for a romance read.

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6 responses to “Review of Dark Water

  1. Sounds like a good mystery to it. Not a fan of insta lust either but sometimes it doesn’t ruin the story for me if it’s not the main focus. Glad you enjoyed this, Stormi. Great cover art.

  2. Not a fan of the instant attraction – I rather prefer the hate to love trope if something is going to have anything. However, I love bayou settings as well so I think I’d enjoy this book quite a bit. Glad you liked it!

    • Stormi

      Well, they loathed each other while being attracted to each other does that count…lol. He had a good reason not to like psychics. I did like the storyline so I could overlook the romance.

  3. I’m not a fan of instalove, but if that is one of few flaws in the story, I can overlook it. It sounds like that is the case here. It does sound interesting and I like the Bayou settings too. Great review.

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