Review of Cold Nose, Warm Heart

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Review of Cold Nose, Warm Heart

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Cold Nose, Warm Heart by Mara Wells
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on January 28, 2020
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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A poodle, a black lab and a Chihuahua walk into a dog park...
All Caleb Donovan has to do to redeem his family name is take a rundown Miami Beach apartment building and turn it into luxury condos. Easy, right?
Unfortunately, that would also turn the local dog park into a parking lot and the neighbors aren't having it. Caleb is faced with outright revolt, led by smart, beautiful building manager Riley Carson and her poodle, LouLou.
For Caleb, this project should have been a slam dunk. But even more challenging than the neighborhood resistance is the mutual attraction between him and Riley. It would be so much easier just to stay enemies.
Can Riley and her canine sidekick convince Caleb that what's best for business isn't always best for the heart?

Here is what I thought

Been in a bit of a romance reading mood lately, maybe I just needed some time away from mysteries. 🙂 Anyway I thought this one would be a good one especially since it featured a dog on the cover!

Riley is the manager at a rundown complex called the Dorothy, she got the job because her grams lived there and pulled some strings. She use to have a good job at as the manager of a Donovan resort hotel until they went belly up and she was out of a job. She is pretty content with the job she has and likes the older crowd that lives there.

Caleb Donovan is a bit down on his luck after the horrible scandal his dad put them through with his money skims and they losing their business. His grandpa is trying to help him build up his own empire and it starts with the Dorothy and now that Caleb has seen it he is thinking he is in over his head.

Riley and Caleb clash when he tells her he his there to fire her and it gets worse from there but they can’t deny the growing attraction for each other. Caleb wants to tear the place down and build condos, but that would put the older group out of a home as they couldn’t afford it. Riley has gotten to know a lot of the community from the small dog park they have made besides the Dorothy and her and her group of elderly’s will not be letting Caleb take their park or the housing unit without a fight.

I guess you would call this sort of an enemies to lovers trope though they were never hard core enemies even though Riley got mad at him on several occasions because of his plans. It’s still kind of a trope that I enjoy and part of why I enjoyed this one. I also enjoyed the fact that it involved lots of cuddle fur babies!

I like Riley she has a lot of spunk and found it funny that she pretty much run the Dorothy on looking up Youtube videos on how to repair things! At her old job she could just call someone but this one didn’t come with the budget to do so and so when it came to figuring out how to unclog a garbage disposal she had to look it up and do it herself. I also found Caleb charming and liked that get was getting a healthy dose of reality after going from having it all to starting over on his own. They made a cute couple.

While I did enjoy it I didn’t find it to be humorous as I was hoping and it was just lacking something that would give it higher marks. I am still going to check out the rest of the series and I am really curious about the next one involving Caleb’s brother Lance.

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