Review of Cemetery Gates by Maryann Paige

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Cemetery Gates by Maryann Paige
Pages: 307

(blurb from From the depths of hell, he comes to claim what has been promised to him and to complete the task of destroying mankind. But, someone stands in his way. One who has sought redemption since the times of the Black Plague. One who has never accepted his doomed fate, and has fought to heal and enlighten mankind. He’s the only hope for the human race. By understanding his past, he prepares to battle his brother. Can he save the world or will he be silenced behind the Cemetery Gates?

Michael can see the signs all around him and he knows that his brother is coming for him. Death is ever and horrible nightmares plague him. His brother Shane is nearing. Michael doesn’t want to be like his brother and he tries to remember his past so he can be better prepared for the battle that will take place.

Michael feels horrible as he remembers his past and how he helped lead a bunch of rats to the villagers and destroy them with the Black Plague. He doesn’t want to be like his brother and even back then when he found out he could help heal the sick instead of kill them he has been fighting his brother.

When he meets a woman Marissa there is something about her that is strangely familiar and it isn’t until he searches his past that he remembers who she is and that she was the woman he loved. The thing is, his brother wants her, and he will do anthing to make Michael do what he wants even force others to help him.

Michael must battle his brother for the hope of all humankind and the woman he loves.

I must be honest, I was really confused reading this book and I had a very hard time reading it. It jumped back and forth between Gloria (Marissa’s mother), Marissa, and Michael so much and I never really fully understood what the parts about Gloria really had to do with the story besides the fact that Gloria thought her daughter was evil. 

Now its not that it didn’t have a bad storyline, I think it had more to do with how it was written. This was the first book I have read from this author, but she has another story out that sounds good and I might give it a try sometime to see if it was just this book.  I have found only one other review of this book on and the person seemed to really like the book, so I am not going to say that it was not a good book, but to me it was just not a great book.

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Thanks to Maryann Paige who gave me a copy of this to review for Pump Up your Book Promotions blog tour.

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