Review of Casper Tock and the Everdark Wings

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Review of Casper Tock and the Everdark Wings

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Casper Tock and the Everdark Wings by Abi Elphinstone
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by Aladdin on January 7, 2020
Pages: 384
Format: ARC

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From bestselling author Abi Elphinstone comes a wondrous new series about four secret unmapped kingdoms hidden in our own world!
Casper Tock hates risks and is allergic to adventures. So it comes as a nasty shock to him one day when he hides from bullies in an ancient grandfather clock—and ends up finding an entire world inside.
Casper discovers that this sky kingdom of Rumblestar is one of the four Unmapped Kingdoms in charge of controlling the weather in Casper’s own world. What’s more, Casper is now stuck in Rumblestar, and the only person there who doesn’t think he’s a demon spy is a strange girl named Utterly, who hates rules and is allergic to behaving.
All Casper wants is to find his way home, but Rumblestar is in trouble. An evil harpy called Morg is trying to steal the magic of the Unmapped Kingdoms. And if these kingdoms fall, Casper’s world will be destroyed as well.
And so, together with Utterly and her miniature dragon, Arlo, Casper embarks on a quest full of cloud giants, storm ogres, and drizzle hags. Can he, Utterly, and Arlo—the unlikeliest of heroes—save both their worlds from the clutches of Morg?

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Here is what I thought

Casper Tock and the Everdark Wings was a delightful adventure book for Middle Grade readers full of wonderful creatures and a great story of friendship.

Casper does not do adventures he spends most of his time trying to hide from bullies and making sure everything goes according to his list and timetables. Then one day hiding in his own home from one of the bullies he hides in an old grandfather clock. While he was in there something glows and then he finds himself in a completely different world. He also finds a young girl trying to take him off to the dungeons because she thinks he is the reason for all the mishaps going on in Rumblestar.

This is not good for Casper as he can’t handle things that don’t go according to his list and having an adventure in a completely unknown world is so not on his list. Soon Utterly Thankless, the girl, realizes that he is not the bad guy but maybe the one that is suppose to help save Rumblestar.

There is an evil presence in Everdark named Morg and she has minions called Midnights and they are stealing the marbles that create the weather, etc in Rumblestar. Utterly got a note from a tree that says that her and Casper are the ones to figure things out so they start off on an adventure. Casper just wants to get home and figures the only way home is to help Utterly but he doesn’t know anything about adventures.

I thought this was a fun story and I think it could appeal the young and old as I found it to be a lot of fun. I really liked the characters and love the growth that we see with both characters as they travel through Rumblestar. Casper is afraid of everything but being out of his comfort zone and having to deal with things not on a list or timetable helps him to find out more about who he really is as a person. Utterly has had some tragedy in her life and it has made her sad and a bit rebellious and Casper helps her realize things are not her fault and that she is a good person. They both find out what it’s like to truly be friends.

I love all the interesting creatures such as the cloud giants, the witch hags, and the trolls and how each of them have something to do with how the weather operates in Caspers world.

I think that anyone with young readers will want to get their hands on this one and I would definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next since this is part of a series.

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