Review of Betting Off Dead

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Review of Betting Off Dead

I received this book for free from Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Betting off dead by Tonya Kappes
Published by Krew Publishing on August 29th 2016
Pages: 250
Format: eARC
Source: Author


And their off! Gambling on horse racing is Kentucky's number one sport but when Kentucky Derby Thoroughbred picked to win the Derby, Rails and Nails, ends up poisoned, SKUL special agent Mick Jasper and rookie witch Maggie Park, who keeps her witch powers a secret, are called in to investigate a world of illegal gambling where a run for the roses can prove to be deadly.

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First Line

“Oh, Miss Kitty,” Auntie Meme trilled. “You naughty, naughty owl.” Only Auntie Meme’s voice was more sarcastic than scolding.

What I thought of this book

Maggie has figured out that her life’s journey is to work at SKUL and her mother is not at all happy with it. Maggie can’t help if she is just not like all the other witches, even her coven knew she was different since they gave her a car for a familiar.

So when she is summoned to SKUL for a new assignment she is excited. This one takes her and Mick into some high price betting as they pose as husband and wife who get in on bidding for horses. Mick and SKUL believes there is some doping going on with the Derby and are trying to stop it before it happens.

It seems that someone knows Sherry, who is normally Mick’s partner, so they have to bring in Maggie. Sherry is not at all happy with this especially when she has to go and work at Maggie’s Aunt Meme’s diner.

Maggie has to use some of her witchy ways to get in with the wives so she can figure out what is going on and of course things don’t always go as planned.

This is such a fun series and it’s always making me laugh. I love Maggie and Mick and well pretty much everyone but maybe Sherry (but you have to have someone to hate. 🙂 )

Maggie is so excited to be working for SKUL but her mother is so dead set against it cause it’s dangerous. Her Aunt Meme is not much help in this department even though she is the guardian of her life’s journey. Mostly they are dead set against Maggie falling for Mick a mortal man! It makes for some fun moments. 🙂

They don’t want anyone knowing they are witches because of bad experiences in the past. So I am not sure I get why Aunt Meme always seems to have her little spell casting coven around dressed in witches outfits, or other strange things. After away Mick is not going to just let Maggie get away with explaining it’s her book club and they dress up. Also, Vinnie the car does things a normal car wouldn’t and Mick is suspicious. Other than that I find no faults with this as it’s just a lot of fun!!

If you are a cozy fan then you should check out this series!

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