Review of Beneath London’s Fog

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Review of Beneath London’s Fog

I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Beneath London's Fog by Iona Caldwell
Genres: Horror, Paranormal
Published by Fyresydepublishing on October 30, 2019
Pages: 174
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher

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Jonathan is the immortal master of Raven Hollow Manor - a decrepit mansion riddled with superstition, murder and restless ghosts. Beneath it lies a restless malice.
Its previous owner driven mad, violently kills his guests with a rusted ax, creating the perfect venue for Jonathan to seclude himself in a prison of his own device.
When the streets of London begin to run red with blood; the bodies exhibiting disturbing signs and baffling wounds, the identity of the killer remains elusive to police.
The bodies are just the beginning of Jonathan's troubles. A mysterious letter accusing Jonathan of committing the murders appear, raising suspicion in the police. Hidden beneath the mangled bodies, Jonathan soon realizes he is being forced to face demons he thought died in a forlorn past he attempted to escape.
One thing Jonathan knows for certain: He must deal with the demons of his past if he is to survive his future. Not only him but those he has come to love as well.
For fans of Jim Butcher, Stephen King, Darcy Coates and Nick Cutter.

Here is what I thought

I was really hoping to like this one more than I did. The cover just screams spooky setting but it really wasn’t all that spooky.

It’s told in the POV of Jonathan a vampire who has been around for a long time. He has raised a young girl up a young girl always protecting her from other monsters. Now it seems there is someone out there who is killing people and giving him a bad name and he is afraid that people will come around and bother him and he likes being secluded with just Holly.

He knows there is a dark evil that lurks and the more he finds out about what is happening he thinks he knows who is behind it but he can’t believe it because that person should have been dead. If he wants to protect Holly and her new boyfriend then he will have to come out and fight the monster that is lurking there drawing him out.

I really wanted to enjoy this but I think the length of this book was it’s downfall for me as it was just to short. I felt that I just didn’t have enough background on the characters. Jonathan is a vampire but where did he come from? I needed more information on him. We know he had lost his great love and he likes his solitude and we find out a few things about his past but not enough. Holly to is a bit vague, we find out he took her off the streets and raised her and now she is an adult and has met someone. Talk about a fast relationship because I swear she just met him but by the end she was going to marry him?? So I feel like I missed something in between.

I know I always say I am not one for a lot of descriptions and like a lot of dialogue but I feel like this one could have done with a bit more meat of the story to make it better. I am noticed a lot of great reviews on this one so maybe it’s just me, it just didn’t work for me but it might work for you.

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