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Review of Asylum Lake #MyTBRlistAsylum Lake by R. A. Evans
Genres: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal
Published by Chapbook Press Pages: 208
Format: eBook
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In 1917, the state's second largest psychiatric hospital opened on six hundred wooded acres overlooking a small lake near Bedlam Falls, Michigan. Through its doors came the weak and the weary, the disabled and the discarded, the frail and the forgotten. But an open door is an invitation, and some visitors, once invited, are loath to leave. The hospital abruptly closed in 1958 under a cloud of mystery. It has remained empty and silent, save for the memories trapped both within its walls and far below the surface of the nearby lake that bears its name. At the bottom of Asylum Lake, the unremembered are growing restless.

Brady Tanner is trying to outrun memories of his own. After the sudden death of his wife, Brady retreats to the small town where he spent the summers of his youth. But he soon learns small towns can be stained by memories... and secrets, too. As Brady is drawn into unearthing these secrets, as he discovers a new love in an old friend, he is also drawn into the mystery of Asylum Lake and the evil that lies submerged beneath its sparkling surface. What is the source of this evil - and what does it want with Brady Tanner?




My To-Be Read List is a meme hosted by Michelle at Because Reading.

It’s that time of the year when I look through my TBR list and find some of those more suspenseful/horror novels that I have but just never got around to reading. That is how I came about putting Asylum Lake on my list for my followers to vote for and well it wasn’t a real bit hit for me. I actually didn’t finish reading it. I am not really going to call this one a DNF because a part of me is still curious so I might try to finish it later on.

This book bounces back and forth between some horrible killings committed by a young boy Lionel back in the seventies and present day with a guy name Brady who after a long time is coming back home after his parents died.  The parts about Lionel have been interesting but nothing of interest has happened with Brady yet, though I am sure there is suppose to be something happen.

Lionel went on a killing spree and even seriously injured a policemen and almost got the sheriff before being caught. Lionel has these weird blackout some times and one time he remembered waking beside his dad watching him sleep and he had a knife in his hands. So right now it’s not been confirmed why he went around killing people. So that is why I am a little curious but at the same time a bit bored as it’s like the story is not going anywhere and slow.

I made it to about 41% and so I am pretty sure I might try this one again to see if I can finish it. I just have to many other books to read to stick with something that I am not real interested in. When you read two or three books in between trying to read this one then it’s time to move on.

Has anyone else read this book? I would be curious to know if you think I should stick with it or not. 



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  1. Back and forth bounces can be a bit confusing and when I prefer one perspective over the other in a book I am wlasy a bit more reluctant to read the chapters from the other point of view. I hope your next book is better!

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