Review of A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise

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Review of A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise by RaeAnne Thayne
Series: Cowboys of Cold Creek, #12, #12
Published by Harlequin on Nov. 19th
Pages: 224
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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USA TODAY bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne brings readers back to the ranch for an emotional holiday visit with The Cowboys of Cold Creek!

Hardened rancher Ridge Bowman has long told himself he has no need for love—just work and his little girl are enough to get him through. But when his "cleaning lady," Sarah Whitmore, gets injured on his staircase, well, of course he has to invite her to spend the holidays with him. It's only the responsible thing to do.

Only, Sarah isn't really there to work on his house. She came bearing precious artwork belonging to Ridge's late mother, and possibly a secret that could devastate them both. But as Christmas draws closer, so does Ridge—and Sarah convinces herself that she will tell him what she knows as soon as the holiday is over. She might be the key to his past—if only he could be a part of her future….

A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise was a warm, sweet romance that is just perfect for the holiday season. I don’t normally like to read series out of sync but I have never read any of the Cowboys of Cold Creek until this one. However, I do think I am going to go back and start from #1 so I can reading about all these wonderful cowboys. Who doesn’t like cowboys!!  I think Cowboys are probably my favorite contemporary romance heroes!

Ridge is the oldest of the Bowman family, a wonderful eleven year old daughter and his ranch, to him that is enough. He doesn’t think he needs a woman in his life because of how his marriage went the first time. After Melinda just up and left him and Destry he is not going to go through that again. His sister Caidy had been helping him take care of his daughter but now she is just newly married. The mess left in his house is what was left of the reception party. Caidy told him that in the morning there would be someone coming to clean his house so when Sarah shows up at his door he automatically thinks that is who she is.

Sarah has come to the River Bow Ranch to return something she knows will be precious to the Bowman’s. She is not exactly sure how she is going to tell them how she has come by the painting by Margaret Bowman. She has her suspicions after reading about the murder of Ridge’s parents. When Ridge mistakes her as the cleaning help and she sees how messy the place is she decides to help him out. Maybe if she cleans his house it will soften the blow, but then she falls down the stairs.

Ridge fill responsible for her falling down his stairs so when she breaks her arm and needs to be watched overnight for a concussion, he insist that she come stay at the ranch. Winter’s at the River Bow are harsh and unrelenting and with this new snow fall Sarah won’t be going anywhere soon. With Christmas only a few days away Ridge invites her to stay and enjoy Christmas with him and his family since she has no place to go.  Sarah doesn’t want to stay, but with the snow outside she doesn’t have a lot of choice.

Spending time with the Bowman’s is only going to make it harder to tell them to truth about the painting and her background. It doesn’t help that she has started to fall for Ridge and his daughter.  Ridge is feeling an attraction to this woman that he hasn’t felt in a long time, but he can see that something is bothering her. What could be the best Christmas ever could become the worst Christmas.

A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise was a delight to read an a sweet romance, if you like your romances filled with sex you won’t find it in this one. If you like them clean then you enjoy this one. If you like me and just like romance and don’t care either way this is the one for you! 🙂 I have already looked up the first book in the series so I can start from the beginning!


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