Retro Horror Vol. 9: Audiobook review of The Town

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Retro Horror Vol. 9: Audiobook review of The TownThe Town by Bentley Little
Genres: Horror
Published by A Signet Book on May 1, 2000
Pages: 376
Format: Audiobook
Source: Hoopla

Narrator: David Stifel
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Welcome to McGuane, Arizona. Population: 200...199...198...197...
Gregory Tomasov has returned with his family to the quaint Arizona community of his youth. In McGuane, the air is clean, the land is unspoiled. Nothing much has changed. Except now, no one goes out after dark. And no one told Gregory that he shouldn't have moved into the old abandoned farm on the edge of town. Once upon a time something bad happened there. Something that's now buried in its walls. Something now reborn in the nightmares of Gregory's young son. Something about to be unleashed. What happened once is going to happen again in...The Town. You can't go home again.

I forgot to put write my review so your just getting the quick version with out my CAWPILE. 🙂

So both Barb and I had a bit of bad luck with our choices this week…lol. So it has caused us to decide to maybe revamp things so look for something new coming in a few months. Still horror related but just a bit different. After you check out my review don’t forget to check out Barb’s choice at Booker T’s Farm.

Here is what I thought

So I have been really excited to give Bentley Little a try but I am not sure if just my taste in horror and reading in general is changing or I just got one of the worst ones of the lot…lol.

So the moral of this story is don’t forget to invite the “man of the house” with you when you move or bad things could happen.

So The Town is about Gregory and Julie who have won the lottery, so now they don’t have to work. They decide to take the kids and  move back to Gregory’s home town and take  his mother with them. On their way there Gregory’s mother gets upset because they forgot to invite Jedushka Di Muvedushka, the man of the house. It’s a Russian folklore and when you move its polite to invite the man of the house (which is a little man that kind of sounded a bit like an elf of some sort), if you do it’s good luck and he can help ward off evil. 

Gregory and Julie don’t believe the in Russian superstitions and don’t think much about it. Though they are moving to a town that is made up of a lot of Molokans, which are like the Russian sect in the town.  The none Molokans are not always friendly to them. It doesn’t take long for Gregory to take up with an old friend and start helping him with his coffeehouse as he has time since he doesn’t have to work. Things were going okay at first but strange things start to happen.  Then Gregory finds out that the house they bought is considered haunted because of the horrific thing that happened there. A man killed his entire family.

So the Molokan preacher is killed in a strange way, and then Gregory and Julies kids start having things happen to them. Theo, starts talking to a dark thing in an old bath house, etc. Soon bad things are happening everywhere and of course the Molokan’s are getting blamed for it especially Gregory and Julie since everything happened since they moved back. His mother is afraid it’s because they forgot to invite “the man of house” but soon finds out it might be worse than that, but maybe if he was there he could have help protect the family.

It was an okay story but it just seemed to drag on a bit and there was some things in it that I wasn’t a fan of which is more of why I didn’t like it so others it might not bother. It’s the reason I say my taste in horror might just not be what it use to be, things I can’t look over without frowning upon. I didn’t like that bibles was used to kill the preacher, or that Adam who turns thirteen starts having sexual fantasies about his older sister and the things he does. That made me feel icky.

So I might say that it might not be the book as much as it was me, but I just thought it was not that great. I do like the story about “the man of the house” and the folklore surrounding it.

2 stars

The Narrator

This was my first time listening to David Stifel and I thought he did a great job of narrating it.

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