Retro Horror Vol. 5 ~ Goosebumps!

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Retro Horror Vol. 5 ~ Goosebumps!Welcome to Dead House by R.L. Stine
Genres: Middle Grade, Horror
Published by Scholastic Pages: 126
Format: Audiobook
Source: Hoopla

Narrator: Tara Sands
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Amanda and Josh think the old house they have just moved into is weird. Spooky. Possibly haunted. And the town of Dark Falls is pretty strange, too. — But their parents don't believe them. You'll get used to it, they say. Go out and make some new friends. — So Amanda and Josh do. But these creepy new friends are not exactly what their parents had in mind.
Because they want to be friends...

Also by this author: Zombie Halloween, Don't Stay Up Late, The Lost Girl (Fear Street Relaunch, #3), You May Now Kill the Bride

I can’t believe we are on Round 5 of the Retro Horror project.  I hope you’ve been enjoying it because I’ve enjoyed reading some of them! Go over and check out what Barb from Booker T’s Farm picked up for this month!

So this month I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to read anything large for this so I went with some retro kids books instead…lol. I have only read a few goosebumps but I have enjoyed them and these were fun too!

Welcome to Dead House was the very first Goosebump novel published in 1992 and it’s about Josh and Amanda who are not real keen about moving into their new house. It’s very spooky and Amanda swears she has seen a boy in her room! She hears strange things.

They soon realize that all is not as it seems in this neighborhood because every kid they meet seems to have lived in that house? Hmmm, why are they all still around and when did they live in that house?

So I have read a few Goosebumps and for the most part they are a lot of fun, but not creepy or anything. I actually thought that this one had a little bit of creep factor going for it. I think it would be the perfect blend of fun and spooky for young kids! It was a lot of fun to listen too!

It was narrated by Tara Sands and was 2 hours and 42 minutes so super quick fun!

Retro Horror Vol. 5 ~ Goosebumps!Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes by R.L. Stine
Genres: Middle Grade, Horror
Published by Scholastic Pages: 119
Format: Audiobook

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Two pink flamingos. A whole family of plaster skunks. Joe Burton's dad loves those tacky lawn ornaments. But then he brings home two ugly lawn gnomes. And that's when the trouble starts.Late at night. When everyone's asleep.Someone's creeping in the garden. Whispering nasty things. Smashing melons. Squashing tomatoes.No way two dumb old lawn ornaments could be causing all the trouble.Is there?

Also by this author: Zombie Halloween, Don't Stay Up Late, The Lost Girl (Fear Street Relaunch, #3), You May Now Kill the Bride

The next one I listened to was Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes which came out in 1995 and was book #34! Man, he must have put out a lot of these a year…lol.

So in this one Joe Burton’s dad loves lawn ornaments, from flamingos to a whole family of skunks! It seems like the tackier the better. His wife has threatened him to not bring anymore home he is that bad. One day him and his kids go to the lawn garden store and he find these two gnomes. Joe  and his sister are horrified that he wants to bring them home. They are so ugly! It’s bad enough he has to live in a house decorated with all the horrible ones now but to bring these home!

Thing things start happening at night when everyone is a sleep. They wake up and some bad things have happened. One of them being their neighbors prized squash (I think), then paint gets slapped around on the house, etc. Joe realizes it’s the gnomes but nobody will believe him!

While this one didn’t have as much spook factor as the first one I read it was a lot of fun! Those sinister gnomes were fun to read about! It would be a great spooky story for kids, though I am thinking living in a house surrounded by tacky lawn ornaments sounds scary on it’s own!!

Maxwell Glick was the narrator and he did a great job.

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  1. I never read Goosebumps as a kid – I think I was too old maybe when they came out? Or I had already gone over to more straightforward mysteries. These do sound pretty fun.

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