Read All Their Books Challenge

read all the books 640So for this carefree, no pressure challenge I am going to read all the books by Heather Graham.

I have already gotten started because she is a favorite and I have been wanting to read them all anyway so this gives me that push I needed. 🙂

Krewe of Hunters series:

  1. Phantom of Evil
  2. Heart of Evil
  3. Sacred Evil
  4. The Evil Inside
  5. The Unseen
  6. The Unholy
  7. The Unspoken
  8. The Uninvited
  9. The Night is Watching
  10. The Night is Alive
  11. The Night is Forever and Crimson Twilight (11.5)
  12. The Cursed
  13. The Hexed
  14. The Betrayed and When the Irish Eyes are Haunting (14.5)
  15. The Silenced
  16. The Forgotten
  17. The Hidden and All Hallows Eve (17.5)
  18. Haunted Destiny
  19. Deadly Fate
  20. Darkest Journey

Harrison Investigation series:

  1. Haunted
  2. The Presence
  3. Ghost Walk
  4. The Vision
  5. The Dead Room
  6. The Seance
  7. The Death Dealer
  8. Unhallowed Grounds
  9. Nightwalker
  10. The Killing Edge

Flynn Brother Series:

  1. Deadly Night
  2. Deadly Harvest
  3. Deadly Gift

Bone Island:

  1. Ghost Shadow and Ghost Memory (.5)
  2. Ghost Night
  3. Ghost Moon

Cafferty and Quinn:

  1. Let the Dead Sleep
  2. Waking the Dead and Infernal Nights (2.5)
  3. The Dead Play On and Toys in the Attic (3.5) and Blood on the Bayou (3.6)

I will list more once I get these series done and boy I didn’t realize how many books she has actually written, this might take me a while to get through….lol.