picnic fiasco

July 15, 2007 Uncategorized 0

Have you ever had a day just go totally wrong? Well I did today, it all started out with my friend asking me to a picnic. Okay well I am thinking a picnic in the park, so I put on my nice Capri’s and a nice t-shirt. I get to my friends house and find out we are going to a place where there are no tables, no chairs, and no shade. Now that sounds fun doesn’t it? Then we get to the site and I find out its right beside a creek and they planned to go swimming. Okay well did they tell me about this, no, so here I am dressed nicely beside a creek, in the sun, no place to sit but a nice dirty ground. Needless to say while they all had a fun time, I was miserable in the sun swatting flies. So I started writing this note while they were swimming because I started thinking that life is sort of like my picnic. Just when you think everything is going to just great and your planning on having fun, it throws you a curve ball. I have learned that in life you must be prepared, just like now I know that when going on a picnic with my friends I should always be prepared.


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