Out With The Old/In With the New: April 2014

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Outwithold1-1024x1024Michelle @ Because Reading & Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun are recapping 2014 and looking ahead to 2015 the next 12 days. They said to feel free and join them so I am!  I’ll be sharing highlights month-by-month and giving you a peak at my goals for 2015. I thought this sounded like a fun way to refresh my memory on things that went on on my blog during the year. :) I changed the last question on my to reflect my least favorite read instead of a favorite post. :)

Out With The Old: 2014

Some Quick Facts:

  • Books Read: 7
  • Books Reviewed: 7
  • Favorite Book Read: Fool Moon by Jim Butcher (audio)
  • Least Favorite Read: The Shadow Prince by Bree Despain (DNF)

I am learning something by doing this recap of sorts, I am learning that I need to take better notes of things that happened on my blog throughout the year because I can’t remember anything..lol.

In With The New: 2015

Goal #3: So my goal is going to be take a few notes in my new book notebook that I am making for these types of things. That way I can look back on April and say oh yeah I did that for the first time! I am also going to keep better record of the books I read and listen too. Just so I can sort of know what my ratio is without having to go back through and try and remember what is what. 🙂 I am telling you if I can’t keep an accurate record of things for my blog this year then I will finally realize it ain’t going to happen..lol.

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6 responses to “Out With The Old/In With the New: April 2014

    • Stormi

      Oh I know I am horrible at it too. I start food diaries, book diaries but never keep at it, but going to try really hard this year..lol.

  1. I’m hopeless with keeping journals, Stormi! I have several, and I love buying nice little notebooks, but actually writing in them?
    I use Tweak Me, and it’s not very difficult to tell it to do the whole wrap-up thing for you if you’d like it to 🙂
    I hope you’re still enjoying the holidays.

    • Stormi

      I have Tweak Me, how do you tell it to do a whole wrap-up thingy? Curious minds want to know..lol. (I just got tweak me when I redid my blog) 🙂

  2. I also wish I could be more organized, but I don’t know if old dog can learn new tricks..lol
    I wish you good luck with everything you try to do 🙂
    I need to catch up with The Dresden series!

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