Netgalley November: Goal post

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netgalleynovemberI am really glad that Kayleigh from K-Books blog is doing Netgalley November. I don’t know about you but I am loaded down with netgalley review books that I really need to dig into and get them read. I am so behind on my reviews and my netgalley percentage is horrible!! If you in the same boat as me then I would like to invite you to go over and check out the K-books post and get started!

Below was taken from K-books blog post:

This is completely a personal challenge so if you want to join in with Netgalley November just sign-up below.
On the first of November, write a blog post/twitter or Facebook status saying you are joining #NetgalleyNovember and how many books you plan to do and then keep us updated on how many you manage to read.

Challenge Categories:

Easy: 1-4
Medium: 5-10
Hard: 11-15
Difficult: 16-20
Netgalley Superstar: 21+
Okay so I am going to go with the Medium Challenge and if I go over that then whooo whooo for I am a fairly slow reader so trying for medium is really pushing it but I am really going to try hard on this for this month!
This is my lazy goal post because I am tired and just didn’t want to go and get the cover pics. 🙂 They are in no particular order:
Wicked Ways by Lisa Jackson
The Job by Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldburg
Broken by Marianne Curley
Reckoning by S. J. Harper
Deceived by Irene Hannon
Killer Instinct  bye Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Whisper the Dead  by Alyxandra Harvey
Come on and Join the fun!!



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  1. I’m going for somewhere between easy and medium. I had to laugh that you called your goal post lazy. Did you see mine? I combined it with everything else in doing this month and didn’t even list titles. LOL – you weren’t lazy in my book!

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