My Top Ten Horror Movies!

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My Top Ten Favorite Horror Movies

I didn’t grow up liking horror movies as a matter of fact it probably wasn’t until I was about eighteen that I started watching them. I can’t say that I was into them at that time in my life either but I had a friend who loved horror movies and we watched the all the time and so I grew a thicker skin. I have been reading horror since I was sixteen but reading and watching was two different things for me.

When I watch horror movies I am real big on the gore but I like the scare factor. I like those creepy movies that have you on the edge of your seat and then BAM scare the bejeebers out of you.

Now I love to watch horror movies and here is a list of some of my favorites from classics to modern day. Though you can tell I am much more into the classic and modern classic horror films!

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Poltergeist (1982): “They’re here!” I think everyone who has ever watched this movie remembers that line to this day. Back in the day it was a pretty creepy movie and a classic I like to watch every now and then. It has the creepy weird thing going on that I like and not a lot of gore. It looks like they are going to remake this movie in 2015 and I can tell you it just will not be the same without Zelda Rubinstien (died in 2010) as she is what really made the movie.

Fright Night (1985): The remake of this was decent but it just wasn’t the same. I remember watching this one with my cousins and we had a blanket to hide behind if it got too scary. This is a movie that teaches you to not spy on your neighbors because you might not like what you see. It made me jump in spots and I loved Chris Sarandon as the vampire living next door. Roddy McDowall was great as Peter Vincent the vampire hunter!

The House on Haunted Hill (1959): Now I enjoyed the remake of this movie but it was a lot more gory than the original. I am a huge Vincent Price fan and so I couldn’t list some horror without putting up one of his movies. The man is just creepy all on his own but you add evil and murder and you have the combinations for a great movie. (House of Wax is another one of my favorite Vincent Price movies)


The Birds (1963): I love Alfred Hitchcock movies and some stuck with me a bit more than others and The Birds is one of those. Everytime I see a huge flock of birds it makes me think of this movie. It makes me shiver just thinking about it all those birds attacking..ugh.

The Wolf Man (1941): Is one of my must sees during Halloween. For such an old movie I thought they did a wonderful job of growing hair on Lon Chaney Jr. when he changes into the Wolf Man. Watching classic horror movies is just a lot of fun, yes sometimes it’s like oh wow that is really cheesy, but just think twenty years from now that generation will probably say the same thing about what scares us today. I did enjoy the remake, but still prefer the original.

Dracula (1931): When I think of dracula I always think of Bela Lugosi. This dracula is what really paved the way for other vampire movies at least for me. It is where we get the idea for vampire costumes with the slicked back hair, and cape. It’s a timeless classic that spun off a lot of Dracula movies and it seems as if nobody gets tired of this vampiric man.

The Shining (1980): This is probably the best out of the Stephen King novel turned into movie. They remade it but it just wasn’t as good as the original. Nobody can play that part like Jack Nicholson. “Here’s Johnny!” That look on his face, it’s that look that just can’t be replaced. It’s a creepy movie without a lot of gore.

The Exorcist (1973): So I was probably in my late twenties when I actually watched this for the first time and it scared the crap out of me. It amazed me at how such an old movie could still have such an impact and I actually shut it off when I was watching it at night and finished it in the It is creepy good!

The Conjuring (2013): I actually just watched this movie for the first time a few weeks ago. It had the same vibe as The Exorcist for me, as it made me jump several times. I am more of a fan of those type of movies that make you jump and are aimed at the paranormal than I am slasher flicks as you can tell from most of my picks in this list. So I really enjoyed this one!

The Gruesome Twosome (1967): When I was in my early twenties my mother made me watch this movie. She wanted me to see the movie that her and my father when to see on their first date. (horror flicks must work as first dates because they were together for 32 years when she passed on.) I must admit for a classic film the whole scalping part really had me hiding my eyes and I thought it was a pretty interesting movie. It was about a demented mother who kept her retarded son in this one room and she would rent out a room to women and they she would put them in that room and her son would scalp them and she used the hair for the wigs in her shop..creepy right! 🙂

So this is my list and I wanted it to reflect different movies that what might normally grace most peoples list when they do a top ten list.  🙂


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