Murder at the Reinhart|Round Three Results

February 28, 2015 Misc. 1

Murder-at-the-Reinhart-e1422572701185Round 3 was so exciting! I enjoyed reading both Laura Bradford and Katie Hayoz version of events and especially enjoyed the use of some unique talent! You ready to see round 3 results?

Round 2 Results

In round 2 Laura Bradford faced off against Katie Hayoz and the results are in! This round brought in a lot more votes and it was so exciting!
There can only be one winner…





Katie Hayoz! Congratulations!

Another great round! Thanks to both our authors for playing along and being such good sports. I haven’t had the chance to read either of these great ladies but I do know that after reading their stories I do want to check out their books and I hope you do as well.   For a reminder of what Katie writes and to enter the giveaway head on over to Berls’s Blog.

Giveaway winners!

My giveaways have ended so I am going to go ahead and list all three winners here. I will be contacting all the winners and collecting the mailing address for the authors so they can send you your book.

The winner of Lynn Cahoon’s novel If the Shoe Kills is…  jholden


The winner of CC Dragon’s novel The Mansion, The Drag Queen and the New Job is… Lexxie

mansion drag queen new job

The winner of Laura Bradford’s novel Suspended Sentence is… Joni

suspended sentence

Congratulations to all three winners!

I hope everyone has enjoyed this Mystery event. I know that Berls and I had a lot of fun putting it together and we got introduced to some great mystery authors. I wasn’t exactly sure how we would pull it off or if the authors would get what we were trying to do but thanks to a fabulous group of authors we created something fun and unique. I would like to thank all of the authors Lynn Cahoon, CC Dragon, Laura Bradford and from Berls blog Lea Wait, Colleen Helmes and Katie Hayoz! I hope they had as much fun as we did.  Thanks for joining in with us and voting! We hope to do something like this again next year. 🙂

So did everyone have fun with the event? Did you add some great books to your TBR Pile?


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