Murder at the Reinhart|Part 2: Lynn Cahoon

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Yesterday you read part one of Lynn Cahoon’s story. Here is part two and we get to see whodonit. Each author has been given leeway on who they accuse and how it’s solved. I am really enjoying the stories and I hope you are too! Remember we need you to vote on which story you liked the best. They are both winners to me..but I am a little partial to Lynn and Jill since they are on my blog! 🙂

Part Two by Lynn Cahoon

Where we left off….. As I thought about my aunt’s question, two police officers burst into the room and stared at us. “What are you doing in here? Don’t you know it’s a crime scene?”

I guess my reputation had proceeded me, or Greg had called in a favor with the local cops, because after a few quick calls, Aunt Jackie and I were released from temporary custody and back in the dining room for dinner.

“You’re always getting me in trouble,” Aunt Jackie whispered as we sipped our chicken tortilla soup. The other sleuths were also gathered around the table and Charlotte sat near her granddaughter at the other end of the table.

“I didn’t suggest we go down to the guy’s office. How is this my fault?” I broke a roll apart. “Besides, we were just sitting in chairs in the hall for no more than ten minutes. It’s not like we were thrown in a real jail. You do that all by yourself.”

My aunt dabbed at her lips with the starched white napkin. “Don’t remind me.” She nudge me with her elbow. “Charlotte and Angie seem to be having words.”

I looked down the table and saw the two in a heated discussion with one of the maids. I think she was the one who’d brought us more towels earlier.

A waitress took my bowl, but before she could leave, I leaned back to get her attention. “Who’s the woman talking at the head of the table? I believe she’s our maid. She’s taken such good care of us while we’ve been here.”

“Marie?” The waitress leaned in to take Aunt Jackie’s bowl as well. “Now that’s surprising. I hate to say things about others, but the girl is man crazy. I swear if Mr. Reinhart had been even a bit younger or showed even a bit of interest, we’d have a new boss right now. She’s a gold digger.”

I stood, putting my napkin on my chair. “I need to talk to the detective in charge.”

My aunt grabbed my arm. “What are you doing? He’s going to arrest you for the murder if you don’t keep your nose out of things.”

“I know who the killer is and why.” My attention returned to the head of the table. “I think the inspector should know before they disappear into the night.”

She pulled me down to her level and whispered, “Who killed him?”

I glanced up at the maid now watching me. “Marie. Charlotte’s her great aunt and noticed the billings for the Maine lobsters came from Marie’s family seafood shop. Reinhart must have discovered Marie’s past and taunted her with it.”

As I told Aunt Jackie my theory, Marie pulled out a gun and leveled it toward me. I pulled us under the table as the bullet flew by. She stared at me as we huddled together, hearing the police run into the room and confront the messy maid. “I guess she figured that I figured it out.”

“We really need to go home. At least in California, we don’t get shot at.” Aunt Jackie brushed crumbs off her coral silk pants.

Now go over to Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun and check out part two of Lea Wait’s story and see how Angie Curtis solves the crime and who she decided whodunit.

Go Jill!! Who’s version of Mr. Reinhart’s death are you buying most?

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10 responses to “Murder at the Reinhart|Part 2: Lynn Cahoon

    • Stormi

      They are a lot of fun, I can’t wait to read If The Shoe Fits but I am waiting to get an audio as that is how I have read this series. 🙂

  1. Typically I’m not a fan of short stories but the author did a great job of placing her character into the little snippet. It’s going to be hard to beat. I like the banter between Jill and Aunt Jackie. I’m looking forward to starting Jill’s series. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to adding many author’s to my read list.

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