Movie Spotlight ~ Dog Days

August 6, 2018 Misc. 5

I am working with Grace Hills Media to promote Dog Days a fun movie dog owners and their fur babies. Being a dog owner myself I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off a few of my dogs and talks a little about them.

Nina Dobrev stars as “Elizabeth” in director Ken Marino’s DOG DAYS, a LD Entertainment release. Credit : Jacob Yakob / LD Entertainment

Pets are a great part of a person’s life and for some of us who are single with no kids they sort of become your kids by default. They can be just as sweet and just and ornery, oh and pretty messes at times too. ๐Ÿ™‚

They also bring a lot of joy into your life and are very loyal. They seem to know when you feeling down or just don’t feel good and they will snuggle up with you and make you feel better. They are always trusting that you will feed and water them and be there to always take care of them.

I don’t think I remember a time when I didn’t have a pet. It doesn’t feel right around my home withoutย  a dog to upheaval it. ๐Ÿ™‚ So here are some pictures of the fur babies I have now. They do not like to be on camera as I tried to get them to all sit in one area and yeah that didn’t work.

Pictured here are Dresden (the fuzzy one and my youngest), the one in the back is Bebe, and the one up front is Mocha.

Here is a better pic of Mocha and then my wee little one, Whitney (she was the runt of the bunch)

These are my inside herd but I do have a couple outside that I forgot to get pictures of but they are my guard dogs since I live out in the boonies.

These dogs bring lots of joy into my heart but they can also break my heart as I know that they won’t live forever. Why can’t your fur babies live forever. Just a few months ago I lost one of mine not pictured here. Her name was Tinky and she was just adorable and loving and well a pain in the butt at times but I loved all parts of her. She was 15 years old and so I knew it was coming but it was still sad.

The four above keep me going and are so loveable. I will be very sad when the rest of them cross the rainbow bridge but while they are here I am going to enjoy every day with them. I love getting to snuggle up with them and I will admit it’s kind of weird if I don’t have a little dog hogging my bed as I have gotten use to it. For a person who doesn’t have kids I probably treat them more like my kids than pets and might talk about them a bit to much but I don’t care, they are great! ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Laura Thomas

    I love seeing more pics of your fur babies. They sure are a huge part of our lives aren’t they. I’d love to see the movie, Stormi.

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