Monthly Report ~ May

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bmr update buttonMan, where did May go! I can’t believe it’s  time for another Monthly Report of how I am doing on my reading challenges this year.

So I have read/listened a total of 78 books this year which is pretty good for me I want to try for 200 books but I changed it to 185 as I got tired of Goodreads mocking me with the your behind so many books…lol. Secretly still trying to get 200…lol.

I got more books in this month than I thought I would seeing I had one week on no reading while in Chicago. I managed to read/listen to 14 books this month. Some of the books I read are scheduled for next month so they didn’t get counted on my challenges but they still look pretty good. 🙂

fallout Death without company Single Undead Mom's Club1 death of a dapper snowman decanting a murder Ferals2

univited Unspoken Double Down Murder on Washingtone Square murder on mullberry bend

panthers claim Path of the Crooked please don't tell

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This one should be the same as Cruzin, oops. I must have forgot to check this one on my blog…lol.

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Favorite read this month (I really enjoyed most of the books I read so this is hard…lol)

Double Down

Bookish Resolution Challenge

Reading Goals:

  • Get my netgalley percentage up to …higher than it is now.

Alas, it hasn’t gone up…lol.

  • Read at least 15 books from Edelweiss.

I think I have read three so not as good as it could be by now.

  • Read  more of my review print books. (I tend to push them aside for the ebooks)

Nope, not done this one yet.

  • Read at least 10 if not more of my own huge TBR pile whether print or ebook.

I think I have read about three from my own pile. 🙂

  • Try and not go galley grab happy each month as I need to catch up. Must be more selective and put the others I want on my wishlist for later.

This did not happen…lol.

Blogging Goals:

  • To work on a better plan for organizing my review books and keeping track!

This is a work in progress. 🙂

  • Keep track of my challenges and update my challenge page, especially the ones I am hosting.

Kind of slacked on updating my pages though I have been writing them down.

  • Start putting my reviews on Pinterest.

Okay, so totally forgot I was going to do this one, so nope not happened yet. 🙂

  • Utilizing my facebook blog page more.

Um, no…need to work on this one too. 🙂

Personal Goals:

  • Quit talking about writing a book and just finish the book..even if it sucks at least I need to give a try!

Been working on an outline but not worked on it as much as I should.

  • Work on adding more exercise to my day. I need to move more instead of being glued to the computer.

Been walking but not as much as I should, but I have lost 25 pounds so….happy dance….lol. 🙂

So that is how my challenges are going as you can see some books are listed more than once because I do cross overs on my challenges..if I didn’t I would never read enough books to make So how are your challenges going?

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5 responses to “Monthly Report ~ May

  1. You are doing so great on your challenges. I can’t believe you have the Cloak & Dagger one done already. It’s my first co-host challenge and it seems to be the one I struggle with the most. I am pretty sure I will get it finished, but I would like to be farther ahead. Congrats on losing 25 pounds – that’s awesome. I need to start walking more, but I always have a hard time making time for it.

  2. You are my challenge tracking hero! I love how you laid everything out and even updated your goals. You’re doing what I mean to do but never mange to actually do. I’m very impressed. 14 books is great! Especially when you count that 1/4 of of the month was spent doing no reading.

  3. Wow. That’s some challenges, Stormi. You are doing really good. Make me want to do more, but I think I’ll stick to the ones I’m doing for this year.

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