Monthly Report: June

June 30, 2015 Misc. 3

Bookish Resolution Challengereport

I can’t believe that June is already over and it’s time for another Monthly Report of how I am doing on my reading challenges this year.

So I have read/listened a total of 84 books this year which is pretty good for me and I think if I can keep on this track then I will reach my Goodreads goal of 175 books read this year..fingers crossed. 🙂 I need 91 more books to complete my goal..I so got

In June I read /listened to 17 books. Most of those books were audiobooks which is fitting since this is audio month. 🙂

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I need to get cracking on this I hope some of my reads start matching up. This one is harder than I realized since I am a mood reader.

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I am knocking this one out of the park! I am so going to go over my amount, but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t now exactly were to set it. 🙂 I am cheating with the pic and putting up the one I made for instagram…lol. I had a bit of a Colleen Helme’s Shelby Nichols series I really have 36 read but 5 haven’t went live yet. 🙂


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I wasn’t sure how I would do with this challenge but as it turns out I am on a real mystery thriller type kick this year! 🙂

F1065_GirlWoods_L A for alibi

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I have surpassed this one as well as like I said above I am on a mystery Binging on Colleen Helme helped a bit

 Lie or Die Secrets that Kill Trapped by Revenge Deep in Death Crossing Danger

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I honestly can’t believe I haven’t read a historical this month!

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I totally screwed this challenge up because I am about two months behind and there is really no way to catch up. 🙁

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Not sure why I am doing poor here as I have a ton of horror on my kindle!

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I got hung up on audios and some of my own books and didn’t knock to many off of this one this go around.

foralltime The Witch Hunter Darkmouth

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I set my goals to low on this one as I knew I would have a lot of ARC’s for this year..but I wasn’t sure. LOL

Darkmouth lone rider The Witch Hunter

Bookish Resolution Challenge

1) Get my netgalley ratio up and knock off some edelweiss books.

It’s not gone down but it’s not gone up..even though I keep getting things! I knocked one off Edelweiss, but I think I added one

2) Try my hand at discussion questions.

Nope, I keep meaning too but …well I just don’t know why I don’t.

3) Limit my netgalley/edelweiss eARC’s to 5 or less if I can.

I think I might have got more than five but not to many more…lol.

4) Read more of my own books.

Whooo hoo I can actually say yes to this one! I read one of my own

5)Lose weight.

Down two pounds but only after going up like ten! So not really gaining anything here. 🙁

So one of my books I read this month didn’t count towards a challenge by it was a book given to my by a publisher.

The Thickety

Many of these books haven’t gone live yet..I am proud of being ahead for once…lol.

So that is how my challenges are going as you can see some books are listed more than once because I do cross overs on my challenges..if I didn’t I would never read enough books to make So how are your challenges going?


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