Monthly Report ~ June

July 4, 2020 Misc. 5

Well, I am not sure what happened but man June got away from me and it felt like it just started then ended. Maybe I am getting use to everything that is going on in the world or more likely choosing to ignore it. Anyway I read (mostly listened) to 23 books! Wow, I really didn’t think I got to that many but I have been in a super audiobook mood, been walking in the mornings, watering my garden, etc. So that has helped on the audio part! 🙂 Brings my total to 109 now the only bad thing about going through so many is I am so behind on reviews!!!

Here is a breakdown of what I read.


1 paperback, 4 ebooks and 18 audiobooks (4 audiobooks I actually have Netgalley ARC’s of so at least that helped me get to some of those!)


12 mysteries, 4 horrors, 3 middle grade, 1 historical romance, 1 contemporary romance, 1 steampunk, 1 adventure


three 4.5 stars, eleven 4 stars, three, 3.5 stars, five 3 stars, 1 two stars

Where I got them:

NetGalley: 3

From Publisher/Author/Publicist: 2

Borrowed/Library/Hoopla:16 (5 audios from this section I also had eARC’s of so that helps knock those down!)

Owned: 1

Gifted: 1

What I read/listened to in the month of June


Least favorite


Only doing COYER all year right now and so far I have read a total of 52 for that challenge. So about half the books I have read this year have counted. Total this month was 11.

What I hope to get to in July


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  1. RO

    Congrats on getting so many books read, and hanging out in the garden is a great way to get in some steps! Looks like I need to ry to grab a few of those books too! Hugs, RO

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