Monthly Report ~July

August 2, 2018 Challenges 3



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What the heck, how is July already over!!! Someone grab Father Time and hogtie him till he slows down time! 🙂

I did pretty good this month with my reading although the audios out way the ebooks. I did lots of cleaning this month which is why audios rule. 🙂 In July I read/listened to 22 books! Yeah, I totally have no life and you can tell. 🙂 Out of those 14 where audio and 6 ebooks and 2 graphic novels. 6 of the audiobooks came from the library the others were for review and all 6 ebooks where review books and the 2 graphic novels where for review. Yes, I have no life as you can tell. 🙂

I am predicting less next month as I start my class on August 20th and have no idea how much time my animation class will take up. I am excited and very nervous at the same time!

What I read/listened to in the month of July





Cloak and Dagger

74 out of 130

Blog All About it

I scratched out the ones I didn’t do so it’s safe to say I am failing this…lol. I keep forgetting to post.

January– Winter
February– Red
March– Favorite Scent
April– Art
May– Organize
June– Growl
July– Spirit
August– Beginning
September– Escape
October– Trees
November– Truth
December– Shine/Sparkle
Bookish Resolutions
  • Get my netgalley % up 5 to 10 % from what it is now which is horrid. FAILing
  • Read 5 or more of my own print books that are looking at me longingly as if they would like to be read. 🙂 Read one I believe so still working on this one. 
  • Catch up on at least two series. YESSSSS
  • Complete my Goodreads goal (goal to be determined as I am still thinking about that). On going and doing well as I am way ahead!

What I hope to get to in



In kind of a horror type mood if you couldn’t tell…lol.


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  1. Freda

    Pet Semetary was one of my favorite reads when it came out. I loved it so much I named my cat Church after the cat in the book/film. 🙂
    Awesome month for you! Happy August!

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