Monthly Report ~ December/2016 Wrap up

December 31, 2016 Challenges 6


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I swear it seems that the year just got going and it’s already the end. This year there has been many ups and downs for me but over all it hasn’t be a horrible year but I am ready for a new year and a clean slate. 🙂

This year I got to go to BEA for the first time and meet some of my blogging friends and that has to be the highlight of my year. Watched my first Major League Baseball game which wasn’t that great but still fun! Met some cool narrators while we were there so I can’t say that all of 2016 was a drag. 🙂


I set my goodreads goal for 185 but as you all know I have been secretly hoping for 200. I realized today as I was checking my goodread that if I actually reviewed all my books (still had some sitting in my currently reading that had been read), I would hit 200!!!! So I am excited that I did actually hit that goal this year! 🙂 🙂 Update: I hit 201 as I finished the audio I was listening to tonight..yippy! 🙂

This month though I didn’t actually read as many as I hoped but got 14 in for December. I am okay with that since I hit my goal. 11 of those 14 were audiobooks as I am just in an audio mood and my ereading is going kind of slow.

Oh lets talk challenges. You will see that I rocked some and failed others and I actually just erased two that I never even did….lol. In 2017 I have cut down my challenges to 7 (though many have temped me). I picked ones that I think will work to obtain the goal I have set for myself next year. 🙂 So can’t wait to get started!!! Boy that big read fail is just not right….lol.

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I think this reflexs my reading mood this year. 🙂

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[challenge-overview for=”Cloak and Dagger 2016″]

This one also reflexs my reading mood this year. 🙂

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Bookish Resolution Challenge

Okay so I didn’t fail all of this but I think I failed enough of it to warrant a bit fat FAIL. I hope I set next years to be better. 🙂

Hope next year is a great year for books! Happy New Year!!!! 


6 Responses to “Monthly Report ~ December/2016 Wrap up”

  1. Laura Thomas

    It looks like you did well on your challenges. And that’s a lot of books read and reviewed this year too. I didn’t have as many challenges and mine mostly worked together so I completed the ones I set goals for. Here’s to a new year and a bunch of great reads, Stormi!

  2. Charlie

    I failed all but my Goodreads Challenge. I had to simplify my challenges for 2017. I think you did a fantastic job considering how many challenges you joined. Here’s to doing better in 2017!

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