Monthly Challenge Update: January

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Bookish Resolution ChallengereportI was going to put this with my week in review but I thought it was really two long to add so took it off and made it a separate post. In my effort to be more organized this year I am doing monthly updates and I think I am doing pretty good since it’s just the end of January. 🙂 You can also see how I am doing through out the month by clicking on my 2015 challenge button under my header.


COYER: I have read 21 books for COYER and that is like seriously awesome for me because I normally don’t do so well. Maybe keeping updates is helping me read a little faster. 😉

Reading Assignment Challenge – I picked the assignment to read two books each month. That is 24 books and the thing is you had to pick out the books you were going to to make sure I did this I went one step farther and picked out the books I would read each month. I am proud to say I finished my two for January! Reading assignment conquered. 🙂

Crusin’ thru the Cozies – 2 out of 13

Netgalley and Edelweiss Challenge – 12 out of 50 (8 from netgalley and 4 from Edelweiss)

Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge – 2 out of 10

A-Z author challenge – 3 out of 26 (if you know of a good author with the last name U or V please let me

Audiobook Challenge – 4 out of 30

Horror Challenge – 0 out of 10

Historical Romance Challenge – 5 out of 6 (I think I can probably up this challenge since I almost have it done in Jan. lol)

Debut Author Challenge – 0 out of 12

New Release Challenge – 0 out of 15 (I am cohosting this challenge if you haven’t signed up you should check it out!)

Total books read in January – 19 books but one was a DNF!! Most of my books cross over to multiple challenges, so it might seem like I read more than (I am proud of myself but I must admit some of those were novellas!) 🙂

Bookish Resolution – One on my list is to get my netgalley ratio up and Knock off some Edelweiss books….Netgalley ratio is up two percent! And I did knock off some Edelweiss.

But another on my list was to only grab 5 ARC’s per month and that one was such an epic fail! LOL I think I picked up about 7-8 possibly more this month. I am thinking I should make this one 5 ARC’s for Netgalley and 5 ARC’s for Edelweiss so I will do better..LOL.

Also the other ones on my list are fails for January as well. I didn’t try my hand at discussion questions, read more of my own books or do very well with losing weight…FAIL…I am so bad with resolutions!!! 🙂

Well there you have it!

Here is a list of the books I read!

stolensixpence The Falconer deadsexydragon Lord Rakehells Love

FrightfullyFriendlyGhosties Until Midnight touredtodeath sammyferal

The accidental demon slayer Lord Wastrel TruthStainedLies tall dark and royal

Captive criminalconfections throneofglass1 Lord of Vengeance

Iamweapon Study in Scarlet Fire and Flood


Fire and Flood was my only DNF in January that is really good for me. 🙂

How are you doing on your challenges!




15 responses to “Monthly Challenge Update: January

  1. You’re really rocking the COYER challenge this time around, Stormi! Way to go 🙂 With my bookish resolutions, I’m doing pretty well with the goals I’ve set for books… but I wanted to quit smoking, and actually did for three weeks. Then I fell off the wagon spectacularly once my exams were closing in on me and now I’m smoking almost as much as before.
    I tell myself there is still time during the year, though 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ohh wow, huge congrats on all your progress! For ‘U’ authors, only one popped into my head and it’s Lisa Unger I know she’s written some mystery/thriller books, maybe it could help? I took part in a GR A-Z challenge a couple of years ago, and it’s a really big challenge to find books to match up with all the letters! Best of luck with all your challenged 😀

  3. I think you did pretty good. If we Kiss by Rachel Veil is one author I can think of that has a V last name. I’m glad you finished your reading assignment books. That is one hard challenge, which is why I decided not to join. I will have my TBR vote for February up tomorrow so be sure to come vote.

  4. I’ve got a copy of Until Midnight. Should read it soon I suppose. I am just finishing Throne of Glass. Love it!
    You had a great month! Happy February reading!

  5. Looks like you are off to a good start and holy cow are you doing a lot of challenges! Cut yourself some slack for the ones you haven’t done as well as you hoped. Plus, the year is young; you still have 11 months.

    Way to go!

  6. For the letter U, anything by Lisa Unger-she’s one of my favorite mystery writers. I looked for V’s on my Kindle and there is only one. and I haven’t read it yet-so good luck with that letter! Good job on all your reading 🙂

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