Mini Reviews ~ Cozy audios

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Mini Reviews ~ Cozy audios

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Slay in Character by Lynn Cahoon
Length: 7 hours and 7 minutes
on November 27, 2018
Pages: 320
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: C.S.E. Cooney
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Staying in character can be murder when Cat Latimer and the members of her writers' retreat head for a ghost town . . . Cat and the members of her writers' retreat have just arrived in Outlaw, Colorado, an "Old West" tourist town complete with inhabitants dressed up as famous figures from history. But this authentic slice of Americana takes a murderous turn when a college student masquerading as a 19th-century saloon girl becomes history herself.
Was she the intended target? Or did she take a hit meant for someone else? With a cast of suspects to choose from--including some notorious gunslingers and the sleazy town founders--Cat must unhorse the real culprit before a real-life ghost story is given a killer twist . . . Praise for Lynn Cahoon
"Better get your flashlight handy, A Story to Kill will keep you reading all night."--Laura Bradford, author of the Amish Mysteries"Lynn Cahoon has created an absorbing, good fun mystery in Mission to Murder."--Fresh Fiction

Also by this author: If the Shoe Kills, Dressed To Kill, Murder on Wheels, Tea Cups and Carnage, A Story to Kill, Fatality by Firelight, Hospitality and Homicide, Killer Party, Of Murder and Men, Killer Green Tomatoes (Farm-to-Fork Mystery #2), One Potato, Two Potato, Dead , Sconed to Death , A Field Guide to Homicide , One Poison Pie , Killer Comfort Food

Slay in Character is the fourth book in the Cat Latimer series, while the Tourist Trap mysteries will always be my favorite this one would be next in line.

Cat is having another writers retreat and this one involves going to a ghost town and when a young lady is murdered, they are not sure if it might have been meant for another girl. So Cat is in charge of trying to keep that girl safe and out of trouble but it seems a lot harder than she thought it would be especially when the group keeps going out to the ghost town trying to figure out things on their own. Also Cat can’t help but try and figure out what is going on in spite warnings to leave things to the police by her Uncle.

I like the characters in this series. Cat and Seth are a cute couple. I think my favorite is her Uncle Pete who is the sheriff. It had a pretty decent mystery with a lot of decent suspects to keep you thinking.

Mini Reviews ~ Cozy audios

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Murder's a Witch by Danielle Garrett
Length: 6 hours and 48 minutes
Genres: Paranormal
Published by Author Pages: 208
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
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Holly Boldt has a secret.
Well, technically, she has lots of them. After a scandal uproots her entire life, she is forced to relocate to a halfway house for displaced paranormals. It’s her last shot for a fresh start. But keeping secrets isn’t easy in a town that goes through gossip faster than tissue paper, even for a powerful witch.
When a grisly murder rocks the small town of Beechwood Harbor, Holly finds herself unwillingly entangled in the investigation. With everyone watching, Holly must solve the case before she’s forced to abandon her new-found home and live life as a witch on the run. But with a paranormal investigator tailing her every move, a civil war brewing between her vampire and shifter roommates, and her ghostly landlord on the edge of a breakdown, she can barely think in complete sentences. How is she supposed to track down a murderer?
Holly has to make it work, or risk losing everything … again.
Murder’s a Witch is a cozy witch mystery with a spunky twist. Come see what’s brewing in Beechwood Harbor in this first installment of The Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery Series.

Murder’s a Witch is the first book in the Beechwood Harbor Mysteries and was a fun start to a series.

Holly is a witch and she has had some troubles which made her have to relocate to another halfway house for displaced paranormals. She lives with a very handsome shapeshifter and a vampire. There is also another tenant but we don’t find out a lot about him till later and he is not there long. When her friend is accused of murder she must try and figure out what actually happened. Not only does she have to deal with that but there is a paranormal investigator snooping around and she has to make sure he doesn’t find out what they are while she tries finding a killer.

This has some fun characters that I think I will end up enjoying the more I get into this series. I liked Holly, Adam and the rest as I can’t remember their names…lol. I also enjoyed the mystery and found it interesting how they got the person to confess after learning who it was that committed the murder.

Mini Reviews ~ Cozy audios

I received this book for free from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Beaches, Bungalows, and Burglaries by Tonya Kappes
Length: 5 hours and 22 minutes
Published by Author on May 25, 2018
Pages: 212
Format: Audiobook
Source: Tantor Audio

Narrator: Johanna Parker
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Welcome to Normal, Kentucky~ where nothing is normal.
Mae West, a far cry from the Hollywood actress, has been thrown for a loop. Her plush lifestyle in the big city of New York comes to a screeching halt after the FBI raids her mansion and arrests her husband, Paul West, for a Ponzi scheme that rips people out of millions of dollars.
Mae finds herself homeless, friendless, and penniless. All hope isn't lost. . .the only thing Mae got to keep that the government didn't seize is a tourist camp ground, Happy Trails, in Normal, Kentucky and an RV to live in. One problem, Mae's idea of camping has room service.
By the look of the brochure, Happy Trails has plush Kentucky Bluegrass, a crystal clear lake, a beach chair with her name on it and thoughts of how much money it could bring her after she sells it. Mae figures she'll take a couple weeks vacation with her toes dipped in the lake. Things aren't always as they appear. The Kentucky Bluegrass is nothing but dirt and the crystal clue lake is murky with green slime on top.
Mae quickly find out that Happy Trails and the citizens of Normal were also victims of Paul's schemes, making her lower than tha lake scum in the residents' eyes. Mae doesn't think things could get much worse, but as luck would have it, Paul West has escaped from prison and is found dead, murdered, floating in the Happy Trails mucky green lake.
Mae is the number one suspect on Detective Hank Sharp's short list. After all, Mae has the perfect motive as a kept wife who has been scorned to ashes, embarrassed to death, and seeking revenge.
Time is running out for Mae to prove that she's innocent and nothing like her husband. If only she could get someone to believe her and talk Detective Sharp into looking at other residents who've lost all their savings to Paul's Ponzie scheme before the curtain is closed on this Hollywood namesake.

Also by this author: Fixin' To Die, Spies and Spells, Betting off dead, Get Witch or Die Trying, Southern Fried, Ax To Grind, Six Feet Under, Tangled Up in Tinsel

In Beaches, Bungalows and Burglaries Mae West finds herself in a bit of a mess as her husband was involved in some ponzi skims that got him in a lot of trouble. She is no longer a rich lady but the owner of an RV and a RV park to go with it.

She finds out that he didn’t treat many people very good and some of those are at the RV park. When he is found dead at the park she has to keep herself and some of those at the park off the suspect list but with so many people he wronged that could be very hard to do. While trying to figure things out she also is trying to help the Happy Trails park by cleaning it up and making it better, the only thing she knows to do to make up for what her ex did.

This was a good start to this series and I enjoyed the characters. I really liked Detective Hank but I am sure given time I will warm up to all of them. It has a really good mystery that took me a bit to figure out.

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  1. So they all sound cute. I think I’d like to meet the uncle in Slay in Characters and the premise of the one set in Normal, Kentucky sounds fun as well. I definitely need to look into starting one, or two, of these 🙂

  2. I missed Slay In Character somehow. Gotta grab it. Murder’s A Witch sound like fun. And I have Tonya’s to listen too also. She always gives me such fun characters to get to know.

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