Mini Reviews ~Cedar Cove series 3,4, and 5

June 11, 2019 Book Reviews 4

I am just sort of going to do an overview of books 3, 4 and 5 from the Cedar Cove series. They are hard to review separately as they pretty much blend from one to the other and I can’t remember what happened in what book. 🙂

In book three the new story is that of the decision that judge Lockhart handed down to a divorcing couple. Instead of the kids moving back and forth, the parents are to move between an apartment and the house taking turns being with their kids. It’s a horrible inconvenience for both Zack and Rosemary but maybe the judge new exactly what she was doing. Also another big thing is the mystery man who arrived at Thyme and Tide and then died and nobody knows anything about him. Bob swears there is something about him that is familiar but he can’t figure it out and Roy McAfee, a private investigator and also Bob’s friend just can’t leave this mystery alone.

Of course there is more of the relationship between Jack and Olivia, and Grace is screwing up a good relationship with Cliff which I could smack her for but she will learn her lesson later one. Also many other relationships are happening.

Book four goes more into the mystery surrounding what happened with the dead man at Thyme and Tide and how it’s affecting both Bob and Peggy as Roy tries to figure things out and it has kind of a surprising ending. Also in this one Grace is trying to fix her relationship with Cliff but it’s not going so well. There is also some clashes between Jack and Olivia as they try and learn how to live with each other which can be kind of funny. And also Roy starts getting some strange postcard messages which has him concerned. Of course there is more of all the other relationships. I really like being in the middle of all of the lives in Cedar Cove and reading about their ups and downs.

Book five dives into what is happening with Roy and Corrie McAfee and all the strange postcards that they have been receiving that talks about regret, etc. He first thought it was maybe an old case but then they figure out what they think it is and try and deal with it. Also Linnette their daughter has moved back to Cedar Cove to work in the new medical clinic. At one point she finally goes out with Cal, the guy her mom bought a date for her at a bachelor and dog auction in a previous book. Linnette is hung up on a cute doctor at work and doesn’t want to go out with Cal and then when they have fun tries to deny the attraction, boy does that get all messed up. There is finally some good things going on with Grace and Cliff which if you ask me it’s about time. Also lots of things going on with the other relationships around town.

Overall, I really just like being in the middle of the lives of those in Cedar Cove. It’s been a nice break from all the mystery/horror that I read a lot of and some times some fluff is a good thing. 🙂


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  1. Barb (boxermommyreads)

    Sounds like you are enjoying these. When I used to work with Children’s Services, I hated it when the Judges would do joint custody and the kids would go back and forth week by week. It very rarely happened but didn’t make sense, In my opinion, it was like the kids never had a real home. Maybe the Judge here was on to something.

  2. Laura Thomas

    I agree. Fluff reading is like a breath of fresh air after the horror and thrillers we read so much of. This series sounds fun, Stormi.

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