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Catching up on some more review books I have read lately! 🙂

Lucy is just about to tuck into a plate of tacos at her favorite Austin joint, Big Flaco’s, when she gets an unexpected visit from her former–and least-favorite–co-worker. Camilla Braithwaite hasn’t gotten much friendlier since the last time Lucy saw her, but that doesn’t stop her from asking a favor. In her hand is a newspaper feature on an ancestor, a civil war corporal–and a liar, according to the article. Charles Braithwaite is depicted as a phony and a deserter, and Camilla wants Lucy’s help clearing his name.

Lucy would prefer to spend her free time with her new beau, special agent Ben Turner, but takes the case, making no promises that Camilla will like the outcome of her investigation. Camilla leads Lucy to the Texas History Museum, where their first clue is a triptych painting, passed down in the Braithwaite family for generations, one panel of which has disappeared. But before Lucy can get much further, a member of the Braithwaite family is murdered in his own bed, and another panel of the painting found missing.

There are no shortage of suspects among the Braithwaite clan–including Camilla herself. This case will take Lucy to Houston and back again as she works to find the truth, and catch an elusive killer. 

Lucy, is a geneologist and one of her old coworkers who she wasn’t a fan of interupts her taco meal to ask her for help. It seems one of her ancestor who faught in the civil war is being called a fraud in a newspaper article and Camilla wants Lucy to look in to it and clear her ancestors name.

Lucy and her boyfriend Ben get involved in things and it seems a triptych that was in the family which is her first clue that has been passed down through the family is a big part of some things that happened. When Camilla’s  relative is murdered it ups the stakes in trying to figure out what is going on.

I really like this series, it’s not as cozy to me as most cozies but I really like it. I think it’s interesting how Lucy can find things out about the past as well as solve mysteries in the present.

Recommend! 4 stars!

Salem’s WICH-TV program director Lee Barrett is about to discover no good deed goes unpunished…

Lee has been promoted from field reporter to program director. Keeping track of all the shows and managing the local TV personalities–including a cowboy, a clown, and a performing dog–has her head spinning. Perhaps that’s what makes her take pity on the distraught woman she finds sitting alone on a bench on the Salem common. When she realizes that the poor woman doesn’t even know her own name, Lee takes her into the warmth of the home she shares with her Aunt Ibby and their clairvoyant gentleman cat, O’Ryan. Maybe Lee can use her own psychic gifts to divine the woman’s identity.

Lee’s detective beau Pete Mondello wants to talk to the Jane Doe, but before he can investigate, he’s called to a crime scene. A body has been found washed up in a narrow harbor cove. As harmless as her new houseguest seems, Lee can’t help but wonder if she may be harboring a killer…

I really enjoy this series and in the latest one Lee has gotten a promotion to program director and she thought that this would keep her out of trouble but it doesn’t!

Lee sees a young woman on a bench and asked if she needs help and finds out she can’t remember who she is and so Lee call’s her boyfriend who is a detective. They soon find out that a man has been murdered and they think she might have seen it which is what messed with her memory, either that or she is the killer and is faking it.

Lee and her aunt don’t think she is guilty, but Lee is trying to leave things alone but then strange things keep happening and it looks as if she might have a stalker who is the killer and he has it out for Lee even though she didn’t see anything. Seems Lee can’t stay out of it so she decided to try and figure things out.

I really enjoyed this one and love the characters! Recommend! 4 Stars

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  1. I’ve read and really enjoyed both of these. I think I’ve enjoyed each of the genealogy mysteries more then the last and Carol J. Perry is always reliable.

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