making time to write

July 17, 2007 Uncategorized 0

I am finding out more and more that it takes a lot to make time to write. If you are like me and just getting into the business and can not support yourself with your writing you have another job that you spend most of your day at. I work eight hours, then come home and its real hard to make yourself just sit down at the computer and write. I like having time for myself, to just surf the web, read a book, watch TV and if you have kids then they take up a lot of your time as well. One thing I have found out is that when I am in a writing mood, that I can sit at the computer for hours and you better not interrupt me. So I have to plan out my writing and one thing I do is tell myself from the hours of 7-8pm I will write and its not edited, its not perfect, but its writing. When writing my first draft it is never fully developed, but I write what the characters are telling me to write and then I go in afterwards and ask question about why this is done this way or that way. I add more descriptions, I find the things that I put in parenthesis and look up the thing I need to make my novel better. Outlines help you make the novel flow fairly smooth, but I always seem to add more or get off the outline, so they don’t help me that well. I have a picture in my mind about what is going to happen in my novel, from beginning to end and then I write. So if you want to be a writer, you must be able to make time to write, and be willing to sacrifice things you like to do to keep a deadline, or a writing date with your novel. So everybody lets write.


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