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May 25, 2019 Misc. 0

It’s time to sign up for another Summer COYER. Summer COYER will run Saturday, June 1 – Saturday, August 31! Sign-ups will be open until Saturday, July 6th.

The Rules

  1. You must create a sign-up post anytime between now and July 6th – on blog, goodreads, fb, google+, etc. Yes, that means you can sign up until July 6th! But don’t wait, you’ll miss most of the fun!
  2. You must link to the sign-up linky below (don’t link to your blog, link to the sign-up post).
  3. You must review books somewhere & link the reviews to the review linky to be eligible for one of the grand prize giveaways.
  4. Have Fun!

Normally you’re only allowed to read eBooks that were less than $5 for COYER, but since this is Summer Vacation you can read whatever you want! To be clear, here are some questions you may be asking…

  • Can I read a book that cost $10? Yes!
  • Are Tour books and Author Review books ok? Yes! Yes!
  • Can I read a paperback? An audio book? An eBook? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Getting the idea? There really are very few rules here. For those that just want to do your standard summer vacation, you can enter your reviews on the review linky and each entry on a linky will be worth 1 entry. So if you’ve added your link there, you’re in the first giveaway for your choice of a $10 gift card to Amazon or B&N. But if you want have to have some REAL fun… we have Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt

We’re going on a Treasure Hunt this summer! Use this old map that Cora Coyer found to navigate your way through the summer to the treasure at the X. There’s a variety of ways to move forward a space on the map on this treasure hunt list. You’ll get the list on the kick-off post June 1st.

This map has 65 spaces from the start at “COYER Summer Hunt” to the X with the treasure. As the list will reveal, you can move forward 1 – 5 spaces with every book you read. You’ll use the list to navigate the map towards the treasure. Participating in Read-a-thons will help catapult your forward towards the treasure at the magical x. Making progress, but not quite getting to the treasure will still earn you points!

The point break down:

Your goal is to get as far on the treasure map as possible. At the end of COYER you will report how many steps you made it towards the treasure. The progress you made will give you points as follows.

  • Shipwrecked!: You put up a valiant effort, but your boat sprung a leak and your shipwrecked on an island. You made 1-15 steps on the map, so take 1 point on the rafflecopter.
  • Shark Attack!: Shark attack has you running for home before you get to the treasure. You made it 16-30 steps on the map, so take 2 points on the rafflecopter.
  • Lost at Sea!: All that work, but your navigation skills are less than stellar. You made it 31 – 45 steps on the map before losing your way, so take 3 points on the rafflecopter.
  • Captured by the Kraken!: You almost made it, but the Kraken got you before you reached the treasure. You made it 46 – 64 steps on the map, so take 4 points on the rafflecopter.
  • X Marks the Spot!: You made it! You’ve found the Treasure! Congratulations on earning the full 65 steps, take 5 points on the rafflecopter.

There will also be some cool read-a-thons to participate in as well!


These read-a-thons will help catapult you forward on the treasure hunt. Books you read may count towards the Treasure Hunt list, but they don’t have to. Any book read during the read-a-thon and reviewed can also go on the linky… so if you’re not Treasure Hunting, feel free to still participate.

Deserted Island Read-a-thon

Your treasure hunt has landed you on a deserted island… what books do you want with you? For this read-a-thon you’re making a list of the books you’d want with you. The twist is, you have to read them all in the given time, so make your list wisely. You must have at least one book (no less than 125 pages) on your list and all books fall under Summer COYER rules, so they can be any price and obtained from any legal location in any format. Completing this Read-a-thon successfully will earn you 5 points on the treasure hunt. This Read-a-thon will run Sunday, June 9 – Saturday, June 22.

Sharknado Read-a-thon

On the treasure hunt you’re trapped in your house because there’s a Sharknado outside. You can only read the books on your physical shelf – no book not in your home at the start of the read-a-thon- counts. No Kindle unlimted, no ebooks, just physical books. They may be borrowed or library, but you must have them in your house before Sharknado. Completing this Read-a-thon successfully will earn you 2 points on the treasure hunt. This Read-a-thon will runSunday, July 7 – Saturday, July 13.

Swabbing the Deck Read-a-thon

Your treasure hunt has taken you to sea and you’ve got lots of work to do, swabbing those decks. Your hands and eyes are busy, but read on you must, so audiobooks to the rescue. For this read-a-thon you will read audiobooks exclusively. Completing this Read-a-thon successfully will earn you 2 points on the treasure hunt. This Read-a-thon will runSunday, July 21 – Saturday, July 27.

Evil Octopus Read-a-thon

An evil octopus stole your first 8 Treasure Hunt books (or however many you’ve read so far). Reclaim those points with each novella you read (any book between 80 and 125 pages). Your points for this read-a-thon depend entirely on you and the first 8 books you read (point potential is between 1 – 40 points)! This Read-a-thon will run Sunday, August 11 – Saturday, August 24.

Also the social media games, twitter parties and instagram challenge.

I think I will go for LOST AT SEA! in hopes of reading 31-45 books during COYER since summer is more laid back I think I Can do it!

Are you participating in COYER this summer?


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