Halloween Bingo via Booklikes

August 30, 2017 Challenges 6

I have this other blog on Booklikes and even though I have had it a while I hadn’t really used it much and then I decided to make it a mystery/horror only blog and started using it again. Well, some of the bloggers over on Booklikes have this Halloween Bingo that they play and only those with a booklikes blog can play, so if you got one you should join in on the fun. 🙂 The bingo goes from Sept. 1st to Oct. 31 and the ladies over it even make everyone a unique card so we all don’t have the same card.

Here is my card and a list of books that I might read, ya’ll know how moody I am…lol.

I even made markers to keep track. The slightly faded marker is for spaces called by not read, the bloody hand is for read but not called and then when I finish a space I put them together. 🙂

Now for the good stuff! List of potential reads.

Haunted Houses – The Right Hand of Evil by John Saul or The Inn by William Patterson

The Dead Will Walk – I really don’t do much zombie reading so it’s My Life as a White Trash Zombie by Diana Rowland or Dread Nation by Justina Ireland

Serial Spree Killer – Ragdoll by Daniel Cole

Witches – How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mathers

Diverse Voices – (probably my hardest on the list as I don’t know many authors of color so any good suggestions?) Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco

Murder Most Foul – A Murder in Time by Julie McElwain or But For the Grace by Peter Grainger

Vampires – Murder Bites by Lyra Barnett or Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter by Nikki Jefford

Supernatural – Firestarter by Stephen King or NOS4A2 by Joe Hill

Monsters – The Knacker by Gareth K. Pengelly or Bigfoot Creek by Steve Wells

In the Dark, Dark Wood – Savage Woods by Mary SanGiovanni or In One Fell Swoop by Willow Rose

Classic Noir – Any suggestions that are cheap cause I don’t seem to have any of these or have one on your kindle to lend. 🙂

Ghost – We Are Always Watching by Hunter Shea or The Ghosts of Larkwood Asylum by Will Hawthorne

Free Space – The Blackbird Season by Kate Moretti or Shark Island by Chris Jameson

Chilling Children – House of Furies by Madeleine Roux or House of Ash by Hope Cook

Darkest London – Between a Ghost & a Spooky Place by Nic Saint or She Be Damned by MJ Tjia

American Horror Story – Dead Lines by Greg Bear or The Devil’s Colony by Bill Schweigart

Horror – Bats by William W. Johnstone or Dead Man’s Curve by Alex Van Tol

Classic Horror – The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty

Modern Master of Horror – Money Back Guaranteed by Hunter Shea or (not sure yet)

80’s Horror – The Cellar by Richard Layman (original pub date 1980) or Cat’s Cradle by William Johnstone (original pub date 1986)

Werewolves – The Howling by Gary Brandner or

Terror in Small Town – Gravel Switch by Aleister Davidson or

Gothic – The Turn of the Screw by Henry James or The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

Terrifying Women – The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rhinehart or And Then there was None by Agatha Christie

Demons – The Devil’s Labyrinth by John Saul or Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

So these could be subject to change and some of them I am having problems finding extra books for so I can change my mind if I want though I am not done looking.

Most are either from my kindle freebies, review books or some prints I recently got. I might have to purchase a couple but I picked cheap ones….lol.


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  1. sherry fundin

    I have a blog on Booklikes too. I use it for review books of all kinds. I don’t spend a lot of time over there, but I have seen the Bingo game. Maybe I’ll play next time. Have fun with it.

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