Friday Meme’s ~ A Scandal in Scarlet

July 26, 2019 Memes 11

Since there are a few Friday Meme’s that I want to participate in I have decided to post them all in one post.

book beginnings memeBook Beginnings is hosted by Rose City Reader. Take the first sentence of your current read and post it.

Sherlockians will delight at the latest charming installment of national bestselling author Vicki Delany’s fourth Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery.

Gemma and Jayne donate their time to raise money for the rebuilding of a burned out museum—but a killer wants a piece of the auction.

Walking her dog Violet late one night, Gemma Doyle, owner of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop, acts quickly when she smells smoke outside the West London Museum. Fortunately no one is inside, but it’s too late to save the museum’s priceless collection of furniture, and damage to the historic house is extensive. Baker Street’s shop owners come together to hold an afternoon auction tea to raise funds to rebuild, and Great Uncle Arthur Doyle offers a signed first edition of The Valley of Fear.

Cape Cod’s cognoscenti files into Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room, owned by Gemma’s best friend, Jayne Wilson. Excitement fills the air (along with the aromas of Jayne’s delightful scones, of course). But the auction never happens. Before the gavel can fall, museum board chair Kathy Lamb is found dead in the back room. Wrapped tightly around her neck is a long rope of decorative knotted tea cups—a gift item that Jayne sells at Mrs. Hudson’s. Gemma’s boyfriend in blue, Ryan Ashburton, arrives on the scene with Detective Louise Estrada. But the suspect list is long, and the case far from elementary. Does Kathy’s killing have any relation to a mysterious death of seven years ago?

Gemma has no intention of getting involved in the investigation, but when fellow shopkeeper Maureen finds herself the prime suspect she begs Gemma for her help. Ryan knows Gemma’s methods and he isn’t happy when she gets entangled in another mystery. But with so many suspects and so few clues, her deductive prowess will prove invaluable in A Scandal in Scarlet, Vicki Delany’s shrewdly plotted fourth Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery.

Currently reading this one and liking it. It’s a fun series.

I love owning a dog. I love being owned by a dog. No matter how tough the day has been or how low my mood might be, being greeted at the door by a joyful, exuberant animal is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I love owning a dog and being owned by one too! 🙂

Friday 56

The Friday 56 is hosted by Freda @ Freda’s Voice. It’s like Tuesday  Teaser but  you have a specific place in your read that you have to turn in your read (page 56 or 56%) to get your teaser.

“I suggest you cancel your dinner plans,” I said. “We might be here for a while.”

Yeah, a dead body usually puts off dinner plans.

This is from 16% in as that is where I am in the book. 🙂

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.  Each week we are asked a question to answer so it reminds me a bit of FF and so I thought it made a good fit to my other Friday Memes.

Do you always have a book with you?

Yes, I always have a book with me! I would feel naked without one…lol. Most of the time I have my ereader in my purse as well as audiobooks in case I go for a walk. From time to time I will carry a paperback but it usually an ereader.


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    • Stormi

      It’s all about Sherlock books and she has a dog! So year it’s a cool series.

  1. Becki

    Sounds like a fun series. All I’ve read about Sherlock Holmes was a collection of short stories inspired by his. And I liked it – I should read more like the one you’re mentioned. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

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