Favorite Christmas Movies Watched This Year

December 24, 2015 Misc. 6

TheSo decided I needed a Christmasy post since I haven’t really done any and decided to go with Christmas movies watched this year that I have enjoyed. Most of them are new to me this year but some are not and one is an old faithful. 🙂

Trading Christmas1) Trading Christmas – this one is based on a Debbie Macomber novel and I really love this one. An author and a woman who wants to surprise her daughter for Christmas swap houses for a couple of weeks and holiday sweetness ensues. Watched it Three times already…lol.

TheChristmasOrnamentHallmark12) The  Christmas Ornament – It’s about a woman who is still trying to come to terms with being a widower. She is trying to keep her husbands bicycle store afloat but what she really likes to do is bake cookies. She meets a nice guy who owns a Christmas store and he offers to sell her cookies. Okay so I am not going to lie I really like this one cause I have a crush on Cameron Mathison and will watch about anything he is in…lol.

White_Chrismas_film3) White Christmas – This is an oldie but a goody and I love Bing Crosby so I have to watch this at least once during December even if I have to chase it down on Netflix. 🙂 To friends meet two  sisters and take off for Vermont to a singing gig but find out the place isn’t doing well. When the guys find out it’s their old General who owns it they decide to help him revive it.

a-christmas-detour4)A Christmas Detour – I really enjoy the movies with Candace Cameron Bure and she has two that made it on my list for this Christmas. Most Christmas movies are so over done but I still like them anyway. Paige is trying to make her way to her fiance and what she thinks is her perfect plan for her life but then she gets stranded at an airport with Dylan. When they make their way across country in a car with another couple her perfect plan might not be exactly what she wanted.

Magic Stocking5) Magic Stocking – Lindsay is not looking for love as she lost her husband a few years back. She is just now ready to put a few Christmas things out to make it good for her daughter. Her daughter gets a stocking form a older lady and it seems to have a mind of it’s own as things are found in it when it falls on the floor. Super cute.

AChristmasMelody-Poster6) The Christmas Melody – Single mom has to come back to her home town when she can’t make it in the big city. The music teacher takes her daughter under his wings and helps her write a Christmas song. She remembers what it was like to be in a small town.

AngelofChristmas-Poster7) Angel of Christmas – A holiday Grinch since her boyfriend broke up with her at Christmas  has to write a story about a Christmas angel that is suppose to be able to bring true lovers together.

christmas-under-wraps-title8) Christmas Under Wraps – Big City doctor who thought she would get the fellowship she wanted never sent out for any other offers so when she is turned down, she has to find a job anywhere she can. She ends up in a small town in Alaska where the Holiday’s live. Mr. Holiday looks a bit like you know who and has a reindeer named Rudy. 😉

gift wrapped Christmas9) A Gift Wrapped Christmas – A personal shopper who is a lot different from the man(who is a single father) she is shopping for gets him to loosen up and teach him a thing or two about adding that personal touch when shopping for others. She also makes it her goal to get him to spend more time with his son. (my only Lifetime channel movie…lol)

Ice Sculpture Christmas10) Ice Sculpture Christmas – Young lady who always wanted to become a chef because they get to make Ice Sculptures. She gets her start as a dish washer where a famous chef works and her dad is also the janitor of the place. She had met the owner of the country clubs son when she was young and now they are grown up she finds him still there working for his father now. He gets her into a Ice Sculpting competition against her boss so she makes him help her. Cute! 🙂



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  1. Melanie Simmons @mlsimmons

    I don’t watch a lot of Christmas movies. I watch more Christmas TV shows. I watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas tonight. I’ll also watch Charlie Brown Christmas and Rudolph sometime tomorrow. I will also watch A Christmas Story at some point tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed these movies.

  2. Laura Thomas

    I watched White Christmas last night. My all time favorite Christmas movie. The lovely costumes, the crooning, the snow. Just love it all! I plan on watching A Christmas Story today and probably check Lifetime Movie Network and Hallmark Channel for some new ones. I’m also going to watch Love, Actually tonight.

    have a Very Merry Christmas, Stormi! Been a fun year:)

  3. Rachael Turns Pages

    The Christmas Ornament and Trading Christmas are two of my all time favorites. We just watched the Magic Stocking yesterday. It was a pretty good movie with a good message. Hallmark Christmas movies are a tradition and my dad and I are still working our way through the list, so we haven’t made it to A Christmas Melody, Christmas Detour, or Angel for Christmas yet. We have watched and enjoyed Ice Sculpture Chrismtas. I think my favorite Christmas movie list would go on forever. I have so many favorites for movies around this time of year. Christmas has always held a special place in my heart and will forever remain my favorite holiday. I love the spirit of gifting and kindness people show this time of year. I only wish the magic of Christmas could last throughout the year.

  4. Lorna

    The only one of these I am familiar with is White Christmas. I had every intention of watching some this year, but read instead. Next year maybe I can find some of these:)

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