Early Review of My Best Friend is Extinct

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Early Review of My Best Friend is Extinct

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Best Friend Is Extinct by Rebecca Wood Barrett, Cornelia Li
Genres: Middle Grade
Published by Orca Book Publishers on March 16, 2021
Pages: 240
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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Ten-year-old Henry Springs is thrilled when the wintery resort town he and his mom recently moved to experiences a record-breaking snowfall. There are even rumors that the extreme weather could mark the beginning of a new ice age.
One day, while exploring one of the many tunnels running through the town's snowbanks, Henry discovers a strange, prehistoric-like creature that is seriously injured. Henry immediately names him Yarp and hauls the wounded animal back to his house on a makeshift sled. There he builds a secret cave for Yarp and slowly nurses him back to health. But, as Henry soon discovers, Yarp is not the only unusual beast lurking in the neighborhood. Where did these creatures come from and how can Henry keep his new friend safe?

*Read in December so doesn’t have my new rating system.

Here is what I thought

I was really hoping to love this one but there were just too many things that I just didn’t like. 🙁

It’s about Henry who is ten years old (but at times I thought he was a lot younger) who is super excited about the snow. The adults are talking about how it could be the next ice age as the snow doesn’t seem to stop. While outside the kids are excited for making snow forts and snowball fights even if the teachers tell them not too.

Henry swears he saw something in the snow and one day he goes looking in one of the snow tunnels and finds a white fur ball that is hurt. He isn’t sure what kind of animal it is but he wants to help it and so needs to try and get it home. Takes off his coat so he can put the animal on it and pull it home, in the snow! (This kids cold tolerance must be high!) He doesn’t want his mom or anyone to find it so he finds a place to put the animal where there is a lot of snow and digs him a snow cave. Henry by the way is an expert digger and has his own snow shovel.

He wants to show the two kids that he thinks are his friends but he ends up getting them in trouble because he  takes them past the school boundaries. They tell them they shouldn’t go but Henry doesn’t seem to care because once he seems set on something it’s all he seems to be able to think about. So he kind of alienates himself  from the other kids and spends a lot of time with this new friend whom he calls Yarp because that is the sound it makes.

With this snowpocalypse comes not only Yarp but another extinct creature but not one that is as nice as Yarp and Yarps family. So Henry has to try and keep Yarp and his family safe from what is after them.

So this has a super cute premise and there are things about the story that I like. I love Yarp, he is cute. There were just too many things that drove me crazy. Henry is one of those things. I think he maybe is supposed to represent a hyperactive kid, I wouldn’t really know I don’t have kids and don’t know a lot about it. I do know that he was very disruptive in class and seemed to have a mind to wonder and not care about interrupting. If he sees something he wants to look at he just gets up and goes and looks out the window. If I was that teacher I would go crazy. He didn’t seem to care about consequences about doing anything like going out of school boundary or running away. It’s like oh I left a note that should be fine! Oh and the boy was never COLD! I think there was one mention of being cold the whole time he was outside in a huge snow storm!

I do think that kids would really enjoy this story more than adults. That doesn’t happen to me often because I love middle grade but I think this one just one of those cases where it might now be a great read for adults. I can see kids enjoying the snowy adventure and the fun illustrations. It has great illustrations.

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  1. I think I’ll pass on this one. Henry sounds a lot like a kid in my son’s class who drove me (and my son!) absolutely crazy. I did not envy the teacher. Too bad it does sound like it has potential.

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