Early eARC Review of The Mouse Watch

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Early eARC Review of The Mouse Watch

I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Mouse Watch by J J Gilbert
Genres: Middle Grade
Pages: 256
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

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You've heard of the Rescue Rangers. Now meet the Mouse Watch.Around the globe, exceptional mice live in the shadows. Under the direction of famed mouse inventor Gadget Hackwrench, they work together as a team to solve BIG problems using SMALL gadgets. They are high trained. They are nearly invisible. And they love cheese. Their mission: save the world. Bernadette is a small-but brave-mouse with a score to settle. Jarvis is a sensitive rat with a big appetite and unmatched puzzle-solving skills. Both are eager to prove their worth as the youngest, newest recruits to the Mouse Watch.But before their first day of training is through, Bernie and Jarvis find themselves at the center of an evil plot orchestrated by the Rogue Animal Thieves Society (R.A.T.S.). Soon they are catapulted from new recruits into full-on action heroes, as they learn how to work together to save the Mouse Watch-and the world as they know it.
Mission Impossible meets "Mice in Black" in this action-packed middle grade adventure that will take readers on an epic thrill ride and leave them ready to join the Watch!

Also by this author: The Mouse Watch Underwater

This is a very early review and I am sorry but it was originally suppose to come out this month but looks as if it was pushed back to November but I really wanted to read it! 🙂

Here is what I thought

The Mouse Watch is a cute, fun, and adventurous story about some mighty mice who are daring and brave as they fight against the evil R.A.T.S. They not only save humans but other creatures as well.

We find out at the beginning that Bernie really wants to be a Mouse Watch agent and she will do about anything to do so even if she breaks her leg. She wants to do it mainly because her brother would be proud of her if he was still around but he was killed by a rat, but he wasn’t just an ordinary rat. Because her brother was killed by a rat she has a very big prejudice against them.

Bernie’s wish comes true when she gets an invitation to be a recruit, but she finds out that not all recruits become agents. She also finds out that she isn’t the only new recruit that a rat named Jarvis, who is a coding wiz, is also a recruit. She is not happy with this because rats are never in the mouse watch and she of course doesn’t like rats so she takes an immediate disliking to him without getting to know him.

While in their first training simulation something happens and they end up being left alone in the headquarters having to figure out on their own what happened. Not a mouse watch agent insight they find out that the R.A.T.S have stolen Gadgets sleeping formula and turned it into something else that is making humans walk around like zombies. Rats in lab coats are giving orders and there is one in charge who is bent on taking over the world.

Bernie has to learn to try and trust Jarvis even though all she can think about is how a rat killed her brother, but she learns that not all rats are the same and working together they make a good team.

I really liked this novel and thought it has a good underlying theme of not judging others because of a prejudice you grew up with that you need to get to the person (or rat).

Bernie was a very flawed character and at times she really aggravated me with how much she wouldn’t even give Jarvis a chance. She didn’t even ask him why he wanted to join mouse watch since he is the only rat in a group of mice. She just instantly judged him and thought him a traitor. Thankfully she does learn her lesson and grows as a character. I really liked Jarvis as he was always so polite and tried to  be friends with Bernie and never sneered at her for being a mouse and small.

I think this would be a fun book for young readers and I think adults can have fun with it as well. I think one thing I wish it had was illustrations. This would have been a perfect book for a few illustrations so we could see Bernie and Jarvis in action as well as the bad guys. I highly recommend this one!

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